Giving Thanks

It took no longer than an hour or so to fix Amy's dress. When it was all done, she was so happy. She held up her dress as her smile lit up the whole room, "This is perfect!" She hugged Charmy and Vector, "I don't know how to thank you guys enough."

Vector and Charmy hugged her back, "Well there's no need to do anything..." Vector said when he was actually thinking food.

Amy stepped back with an idea in her head, "I got it!" She ran to her kitchen, turned the knob on her stove to the "Bake" setting, and turned the temperature to 375 degrees. She turned a 180 degree angle towards the guys and said, "I'm going to cook you guys some food, it's the least I could do."

Vector and Charmy gave each other high fives yelling, "Yes!" but Vector's high five sent Charmy flying into a wall and getting stuck in the dent.

"I can fix that..." Vector said feeling guilty.

Amy giggled, "It's okay, Vector. Nothing could possibly ruin this day for me." unless Sonic doesn't show, she thought. "So, come on, sit down at the table while I prepare everything." She gestured to the dinner table which sat near the windows making the kitchen look like heaven with the sunlight coming through.

Vector pulled Charmy out of the wall and towards the table where they sat and awaited food.

30 minutes passed by and the guys got their food which consisted of chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, and some vegetables on the side. Charmy pushed his vegetables aside because he didn't like them.

Amy stood by the table watching the guys eat. She kept looking at her wall clock time and time again. She was becoming nervous that Sonic might not show up. She looked at the clock again and it read 2:45pm. She knew it was still early, but at the same time it felt like the day was passing by too quickly. She didn't know it because she was off in her own little world, but her face was giving off a worried signal.

Vector noticed that she wasn't looking happy so he stopped eating for a second, "What's wrong, Amy."

Amy came back to reality like someone awoke her from a nightmare. She looked at Vector and hesitated to answer because she almost forgot his question, "'s nothing." She smiled and brushed her hair back with her fingers.

"Come on, Amy, you can open up to us." Vector said assuring with his best smile.

Charmy pulled a chair out from their table and slid it under Amy so she could sit down with them.

Amy was hesitant to say but she sucked it up and did it anyways, "well it's just that I'm afraid Sonic won't come is all..."

"Wait, so he's supposed to pick YOU up?" Vector asked.

"Yea and I'm afraid I'll be stood up...again."

"Well that's the problem, Amy. You can't just wait for things to happen. Sometimes you just have to make things happen yourself, right Charmy?" he gestured to Charmy for agreement.

"That's right." Charmy nodded with agreement.

"So, what do you think I should do, just march on over to Sonic and..."

Vector interrupted, "And remind him that you have feelings. You sure have showed US that." Vector said, reminding her of the beating Amy gave them.

Amy felt a little better now because what Vector said was absolutely true to her. She couldn't just wait for Sonic to come to her; she had to go to him. She blushed that these guys were nice enough to give some advice, "You guys are right, I have to remind Sonic that I'm a proud woman with feelings." She stood up, "I'm going to go over there right now." She said feeling powerful.

Vector stood up too, "And I'll back you up."

"Me too!" Charmy joined Vector.

"Thanks guys, but this is something I have to do alone." Amy suggested.

"Come on, Amy, I feel like we owe you one." Vector offered.

"You guys did enough, already." Amy said referring to them fixing her dress. She continued to walk to her front door until Vector blocked the doorway with his body.

"Listen little lady, we're coming whether you like it or not."

Amy rolled her eyes, "Fine, you can come. But as soon as me and Sonic go on our date, you guys better stay out of my way."

Vector offered a handshake, "It's a deal."

Amy shook hands with Vector, "Good."

Vector moved out of the way.

Amy opened the door and all three of them; Vector, Charmy, and Amy were on their way to Sonic's house.

The End

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