All tied up

Amy rose circled around the two of the Chaotix team; Vector and Charmy while they were tied to chairs, back to back in the center of the living room

Both Vector and Charmy were badly beat up with bruises and such. They could hardly sit straight because they were so woozy from the beating.

Amy stopped in front of Vector and asked in a threatening voice, "What were you guys thinking breaking into MY house, are you working for Eggman now or something?"

"No, no, no we would never work for that guy!" Vector was sweating with fear.

"Then why did you?" She grabbed Vectors golden neck collar and pulled it up so it was choking him.

In a raspy voice, Vector said, "we were just hungry!"

Amy didn't let go, "That's not a good enough excuse!" She lifted is up more.

Vector was turning blue, losing his green skin.

Amy let go of his collar, she didn't want to kill them. She just wanted to hurt them enough so they would get the clue to never mess with her.

Vector turned back to his normal green color again. He let out a big gasp for air, "We're really sorry, Amy. I guess our hunger got out of control."

Amy turned sincere, "Why don't you guys have any food?" She sat back on her couch and listened to Vector but Charmy interrupted.

"Vector here ate it all, at least that's what me and Espio think."

"Where is Espio anyways?" Amy asked out of curiosity because he wasn't with Vector and Charmy.

"He went to investigate to see if I actually ate all the food," He turned his head toward the chair behind him where Charmy was tied up, "Even though I didn't!"

"You're such a liar, Vector. You'd eat me if I was dead and roasted on a grill!"

"I would not!"

"You would Too!"

They both argued back and forth and Amy was getting annoyed by it. That's when she raised her voice; "Shut UP!" the last word lasted for a long time until Vector and Charmy stopped arguing and looked at her. Amy took a deep breath and got back to her sincere mode, "So you think someone took your food? She asked Vector.

"That's exactly what I think," Vector said, "And to be honest, Charmy I was going to stuff my face this morning but when I opened the fridge, it was all gone." He said to Charmy

Charmy wanted to cross his arms but since they were restricted by the ropes, he just turned his head and scoffed.

"Come on, Charmy, give him a break." Amy begged.

"He's lying, Amy, I know it!" Charmy stood by his beliefs.

"How do you know he's lying when you don't have proof?" Amy asked.

Vector thought she had a good point.

"I do have proof, it's in his stomach." Charmy giggled at that but it went away quick.

"The only thing that's in my stomach was that horrible potato salad you made us last night." Vector said, insulting Charmy's cooking skills.

"Oh, would you guys stop. You sound like a bickering married couple." She laughed. Vector and Charmy arguing put her in a good humor, "You know what," She stood up from the couch and towards the chairs Vector and Charmy were tied against, "I feel so sorry for you guys," She started to untie the knots in the rope restricting them, "That I'm going to let you go." The rope fell to the floor setting Vector and Charmy free.

Charmy hovered in the air and turned to Amy, "For the record, I could've escaped the entire time."

"Then why didn't you?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, why didn't you?" Vector asked also.

"Because no matter what kind of trouble Vector and I get ourselves into, I'll always stick by his side." Charmy felt a little embarrassed by that, he started blushing.

"Awe, you!" Vector took Charmy's head under his arm and gave him a noogie by rubbing his knuckles against his head.

Charmy escaped Vector's grasp and continued to float.

Vector stopped to look at Amy and what she was wearing, "Why are you so dressed up for, Amy?"

Amy looked at her dress and also the rip in it at the bottom, "I was getting dolled up to spend some time with Sonic." She sat back down in sadness, "But now that the dress it ruined and I don't think I'll be going."

Vector and Charmy sat at her sides to comfort her, "That little rip?" Vector held the rip from her dress in his fingertips, "That's nothing, Charmy can fix that in no time, can't you buddy?" Vector asked.

"You can?" Amy asked Charmy in surprise.

"Yep, I'm a master in the sewing arts." He wore a big egotistical smile with his hands at his sides like a superhero posing.

"Well what are we waiting for; let's get to it before it's too late." Amy grabbed Charmy's arm and dragged him to her room upstairs.

Vector followed behind them.

The End

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