A brand new Chaotic day

Amy rose awoke the next morning anxious to see and spend the day with Sonic. She jumped out of bed still in her night gown when the sun brightened up her room ready to start the day. She pushed her bedroom window open and leaned out into the fresh air and let the sun warm up her skin, "Today's going to be the best day ever!" she kept her windows open as she turned back towards her room and opened the drawers of her dresser. She looked for something to wear and threw pieces of clothing she didn't like onto the floor behind her.

"I need something special for my date with Sonic, but I just can't find the dress for it." She dug to the bottom of the first drawer, and then the next and the next until all of her clothes were in a huge pile in the middle of the floor. She moaned in irritation, "Gah, I don't have anything to wear!" She fell back onto her bed staring at the ceiling in deep thought. It hit her then; she had a dress for special occasions like this in her closet.

Amy hopped back onto her feet and ran to her closet. She opened the shutters that folded together when they opened. She only had one dress in the whole closet; it was like her usual dresses except this one was a sleeveless dark purple dress with sparkles and glitter on it. The dress was put together like an actual person with clothes hangers keeping each piece of clothing from falling; her special purple high heels hung at the bottom of the dress and a necklace decorated with shiny white pearls hung around the hook of the hanger that held the dress.

"This is perfect!" Amy took the whole thing down and dressed herself in her bathroom next to her bedroom. Sounds of zipping, thuds and grunts could be heard from the bathroom. When she finally came out, the sunlight reflected off her glittering dress and made her look stunningly beautiful. The dress showed off her legs and the high heels she wore kind of hurt her feet but she would have to endure. She walked over to the mirror on her wall and posed some, "There's no way Sonic can resist me now." She blew a kiss at her reflection.

Amy had a thought; "I wonder when he's coming..." she poked at her chin in wonder. She looked at the little alarm clock resting on her bedside table; it read 11:30am.

"Maybe I can give him a call and see when he's going to pick me up." Amy walked to the stairs with trouble balancing in her high heels. She looked down the stairway and down at her high heels. She sat down on the top step and took the high heels off, "For now, you're coming off." she carried the heels while walking down stairs barefooted.

Amy sat down on her couch and picked up the phone, dialed Sonic's house number and waited for Sonic to pick up. His phone rang once, twice, three times and it went straight to voice mail.

"Hey, this is Sonic the hedgehog. I'm not home right now, but if you leave your name and number at the beep, I'll get back to you as soon as I can." The phone beeped and Amy decided to leave a message.

"Hey Sonic, I'm all ready for our day together and I was wondering when you were going to pick me up. When you get this, call me back, okay, bye." She hung up the phone and laid back long ways on her couch. She began to think about the things they were going to do together; Pictures of them having a picnic in the shade under the trees, or having a romantic walk on the beach came to mind. A smile grew on her face with these images in mind.

Someone knocked on the door and Amy sprang up to answer it. She ran to the door, turned the knob and opened it. It was Sonic that was at the door, it was Charmy the bee and Vector the crocodile, "awe, man!" she walked away slowly in disappointment and the other guys came in.

"Hey, Amy do you have any food. I'm starving." Charmy asked floating and holding his growling tummy.

"Yes I have food, and NO you can't have any. Now leave!" She tried pushing them out of the door but they were too persistent.

Vector pushed hard and knocked Amy and Charmy down on their butts next to each other.

Amy's dress ripped slightly. She took the ripped part in her hand and held it in front of her eyes. She began to feel sad and hopeless about her date with Sonic, and then she felt enraged towards Charmy and Vector. Her pupils were on fire she was so mad.

Charmy got to his feet and the ground around him turned dark like clouds covering the sun. Charmy turned around and saw Amy staring down at him with fire in her eyes.

"You ripped my perfect dress!" She grabbed at him but Charmy flapped his wings to quick and dodged her, "You're going to regret coming here!" She tried to grab Charmy once more but Vector grabbed her around the waist to restrain her.

"Run, Charmy. Find the food!" Vector yelled.

Charmy flew off as fast as he found the kitchen, quick.

Amy tried to break free of Vector's grip but it didn't help. She made her mallet appear out of nowhere and into her hands. She swung her mallet backwards and hit Vector on top of the head like a child playing wack-a-mole.

Vector went down and Amy went after Charmy with her mallet in flames.

"Stay away from my food!" She swung her mallet at Charmy but missed every time.

Charmy ducked, dodged and maneuvered her every swing. He ducked another one of her swings and flew after Vector who was lying on the ground next to the door. He tried to pull Vector up but he was too heavy and Vector was in too much pain to move.

Amy cornered Vector and Charmy. She swung her mallet back behind her with both hands and screamed as she swung it over her head and down at them.

Vector and Charmy screamed together as they watched Amy's mallet came down at them.

Outside of the house, screams and violent punching sounds could be heard coming from inside of the house.

The End

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