It's a trap!

After leaving Amy's house, Sonic continued to search for Knuckles and Tails under the night sky so he could bring them back to Robotnik's base.

Robotnik was in control of Sonic at his base, telling him what to do through his own pair of headsets, "Have you found them yet?"

"Not yet, I think they've thought this out pretty thorough." Sonic stood there looking all around him. So far, he's spent four hours looking for Knuckles and Tails.

"Maybe you should try looking in the most obvious of places." Robotnik suggested.

Sonic rubbed his chin in thought, "Sounds like a good plan, master." He turned around and blasted towards Tail's workshop. As soon as he blasted off, his ear piece fell out of his ear and fell onto the dirt road.

"Then get to it!" Was the last thing Robotnik said before Sonic left a pile of dust covering the ear piece behind him.

Sonic came to a screeching halt in front of Tails workshop that lay near the beach. The workshop seemed to be closed because the metal shutters locked any one out without a key. Sonic thought that it was too obvious. Tails and Knuckles picked the worst hiding spot ever Sonic thought to himself. He jogged over to the shutters and took a feel to the material. He knocked on the shutters too, "Shouldn't be too hard to get into."

Sonic charged up his spin dash for a long time until he was satisfied with the power he was going to unleash on the shutters. He unleashed his spin dash and broke through the metal shutters with no difficulty. He left a big hole in the shutters when he looked back at them, "Heh, no problem." he felt good about himself.

The workshop inside wasn't all that dark. Something in the middle was giving off a blue glow. Could it be a chaos emerald? He couldn't tell yet. Sonic got closer to the glowing object until he could see clearly a chaos emerald laying in the center of the table Tail's uses to work on his inventions. The chaos emerald was just lying out in the open, there was no one to be seen, "Boss, I didn't find them, but I found a chaos emerald..." He couldn't hear anything from the other side. Sonic touched the inside of his ear and he realized that the ear piece was gone, "Crap...I'll just give it to him on the way back."

Sonic was about to grab the chaos emerald until he felt a weird sensation of someone else being here. There was already a hole for him to escape in and he could speed off in no time. He shrugged and grabbed the chaos emerald. The inside of the workshop started to light up red with really loud alarm sirens. It was a trap. Oh well, he can still escape through the hole behind him. When he turned around to escape, another layer of shutters closed over the first shutter, only the second layer was a lot of thicker and stronger.

Sonic tried his best to spin dash through the thicker shutter doors but he was only hurting himself.

Through vents in the ceiling and floor, green gasses were hissing out filling the room with a greenish smokescreen.

Sonic covered his mouth and nose as best as he could keeping the blue chaos emerald in the other hand. It was no good; his hands couldn't keep the gasses from entering his nasal passages. He was beginning to lose consciousness; his eyelids were becoming heavy, along with a shortness of breath. He dropped to his knees and the chaos emerald on the ground at the same time. He fell over onto his side and rolled over on his back. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed were Knuckles and Tails with gasmasks on and then he passed out unconscious.

The End

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