A dream come true?

To Amy rose, the night seemed to be slipping away as her mind raced, thinking about Sonic. She could hardly sleep. She lay in her bed and thought if she kept her eyes closed that she would automatically drift off into a dream but that was not the case. Her eyes opened and stared at the ceiling above her. He talked to herself while she hugged her blanket to her breasts, "should I give up?" She questioned herself, "Should I just admit that he'll never be my soul mate?"

Amy sat up in her bed revealing her pink night gown she wore when she sleeps at night. The blankets covered her from the waist down. She took her pillow and hugged it close to her chest now, "We're the only hedgehogs as far as I know, other than Shadow and Silver. I can't love another creature." The moonlight coming through the window at the other end of her room made her eyes shine like diamonds, "maybe love is just a word, and maybe it doesn't even exist."

Something passed through the moonlight quickly making a shadow pass over her face. Amy looked up through the window from her bed, "What was that?" she wondered. Amy pulled the blanket off of her and walked barefoot to her window and opened her window by pushing it outwards. The two windows were pulled open farther by the wind until it hit the side of her house. Amy leaned out onto the balcony that overlooked the green hills of Mobius, "Where are you?" she mumbled.

There was a knock on her door downstairs. Her eyes shot back to the knocking noise, "Who could that be?" She put on her house shoes and quickly but carefully went down the steep steps to the main floor.

Amy opened the front door to see Sonic standing there, "Sonic, what are you doing here this late?"

"It's never too late to see friends, ones as beautiful as you." he smiled while softly caressing her chin with his finger.

Amy felt light headed. She couldn't believe Sonic was flirting with her. It seemed so unreal, so unlike him, "This is a dream." she thought she said in her mind but instead she said it out loud.

"A dream come true maybe." Sonic held Amy's head cupped in the palm of his hand.

Amy remembered the times when she got her hopes up for moments like this, but they always turned bad. She didn't want to get her hopes up like this so she took a deep breath to get the excitement out of her body and then she took Sonic's hand and lightly pushed it away, "I'm sorry, I'm not ready for disappointment."

"I understand." Sonic politely said.

"What are you doing here anyways?" Amy asked messing with her hair.

"I...need to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Do you have any idea where the guys are?"

"Which guys?" Amy asked, not knowing which guys he meant.

"Tails and Knuckles, I was supposed to hang out with them tonight but I can't find them anywhere."

"I haven't seen them all day. I really have no idea, Sonic, I'm sorry." Amy said feeling tired. She yawned so big she could've broken her jaw.

Sonic chuckled, "It's okay, Let me know when you get a hold of them."

"Will do, Sonic." she smiled with her eye lids halfway closed.

"Looks like you need some rest anyway, I'm sorry for disturbing you."

"It's fine, I was having some trouble sleeping anyways." She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"I'll leave you to rest then." He smiled while stepping away from the door and waving goodbye, "I'll see you later."

"Oh wait, Sonic." Amy said to stop him in his tracks. She walked a little on the concrete walkway that ended at her door and started onto a dirt road.

Sonic turned his head to Amy, "What is it?"

"I was just wondering...If you wouldn't mind spending some time together tomorrow." She asked with her head down, hands behind her back, kicking softly at the ground, and feeling embarrassed by the question.

"I'd love to, Amy." He said smiling again.

Amy smiled as big as ever, "You mean it?" She asked feeling giddy.

"I do."

"Well, that's great." she felt like jumping in excitement but she decided to wait till no one was around to watch her, specifically inside her house.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow." Sonic said waving goodbye one last time.

Amy waved goodbye too and watched as Sonic sped off down the dirt road leaving a smokescreen of dirt floating in the air behind him. She walked back inside of her house where it was much warmer than outside. As she closed the door behind her, she also leaned against the closed door and when she was all alone she jumped in the air and danced, "Yes, yes, yes!"

She jumped back into bed. Her mind was at peace and she passed out and dreamed a dream that would no doubt come true tomorrow.

The End

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