Sonic: Friend or foe

Tails slid down the ventilation shaft until it came to an end when he fell out and onto a hard granite floor with his butt, "That hurt..." Tails stood and rubbed his hurting butt. Tails looked around the room and it was dark, but not too dark. He could see green vines coming out of the metallic walls and old computers that looked to be out of date and not working.

Knuckles screams could be heard coming from the vent shaft above Tails. He was sliding on his stomach when he came out of the shaft and tackled Tails by accident.

Tails fell down and moaned in pain, "Come on, I've already been hurt once!" Tails complained.

Knuckles stood up as did Tails, "What is this place?" he asked while looking around the dim room.

"I don't know, but I think we went farther down than we should've." Tails said.

Moaning could be heard coming from behind them.

"Who's that?" Knuckles turned toward the noise. He was creeped out by the noises.

Tails turned with Knuckles and walked toward it. He kept his hands in front of him just in case he ran into anything in the dark. He eventually touched bars, like a jail cell of some sort. He heard someone gasp behind the bars, "Hello?" Tails called out.

"Who's there?" The other voice questioned with fear.

"Don't be afraid, my name is Tails and I'm here with a friend called Knuckles and we're..."

The other voice interrupted, "Tails, is that really you?" sounding anxious.

"Do I know you?" Tails asked. He couldn't see the other person on the other side. The jail cell was completely dark.

"It's Sonic, Tails!"

"Sonic?" Tails was almost giddy to find him until Knuckles budded in.

"Don't believe him, Tails. Remember, the Sonic we know is long gone."

"What are you talking about, buddy? it's really me." Sonic tried to convince.

"That's a lie, Eggman already told us about your changing sides." Knuckles accused angrily.

"I didn't change sides, you have it all wrong!" Sonic said getting angry.

"Can you say it to my face without as much as sweating or getting nervous?"

"If I could I would." Sonic said matter of factly.

"What do you mean?" Knuckles said still standing guard.

"I mean I could if I wasn't tied down." Sonic said moving around and making rattling noises with the straps that held him against his will.

"So now you're trying to make us feel bad for you so we can save you." Knuckles scoffed, "You'll probably take us to Eggman the first chance you get, you imposter."

Tails wasn't standing next to Knuckles anymore, instead he went to find a flash light or some device that makes light. He went through drawers and cabinets until his hand bumped into something that felt long and round. He picked it up and felt around the end. the end felt like glass like a flash light and he also felt around the sides until he felt a switch, "Got it." he said to himself. He turned the switch to the on position but it didn't emanate light through the glass end. He hit it a few times until it finally blinked and emanated a ray of golden light.

Tails waved the flashlight around towards the bickering of Sonic and Knuckles and walked over there again.

Knuckles was blinded by the light that Tails pointed after them, "Gah, a little warning next time." Knuckles complained.

Tails pointed the flashlight in the jail cell and saw Sonic on a metal platform with his arms tied down against the metal railings, "oh my god, What'd they do to you?"

"Eggman is controlling me, Tails. He put something in my head that controls my every movement, I have no control." Sonic was on the verge of tears and it looked like he had been crying already, his eyes were red and you could see some wetness of tears drying up on his cheek.

"We have to get you out of here." Tails said.

"Don't...not yet at least." Sonic said.

"Why not?"

"If you get me out of here, Eggman will still have control over me. We have to get the thing that controls me."

"What could that be?" Tails wondered out loud.

As Knuckles listened to their conversation. He was actually starting to believe that this could be the real Sonic, seeing his tear stained face and the redness of his eyes.

"It's some sort of remote that he keeps next to his throne. His throne room is right above us." As soon as Sonic said that, the platform he stood on started to vibrate and turn on. The ceiling opened up letting in a bright light.

"What's going on?" Tails asked confused.

"Eggman's going to use me again, you guys need to escape!."

"Where do we need to go?" Tails asked.

Sonic's head was almost cutoff by the ceiling hole as he elevated upwards, "There should be a back exit through those doors." He talked about the doors exiting this Jail room, "Keep going and don't stop!" He was now elevated all the way up to Robotnik's throne room. The hole closed and the cell was pitch black again.

"Come on lets go!" Knuckles grabbed Tails and ran to the Jail room exit doors.

Tails looked back towards the cell. He didn't want to leave Sonic behind. He felt like he was betraying his best friend.

When they went through the back exit doors, they exited to a dark alley way. On both sides they could see buildings and spotlights circling the sky. They must be in Robotnik Land.

"Let's go this way." Knuckles ran out of the alley way but stopped when he noticed that Tails wasn't following.

Tails stood there in deep thought, thinking if he should run or save Sonic.

"Come on Tails, we have to hurry!" Knuckles shouted

"We can't just leave him here, Knuckles!" Tails shouted back gesturing towards the building.

Knuckles ran back to Tails and put his hands on Tail's shoulders, "I know how you feel, but I think Sonic would want us to go. Our safety means a lot to him, it would make him happy don't you think?"

Tails hesitated. He didn't want to admit it but Knuckles was probably right but leaving Sonic still didn't feel right. He sucked it up, nodded and with little effort he said, "you're right, lets go."

"Alright, lets get the heck out of this dump." Knuckles took Tail's arm and pulled him along.

Along the way, Tails still felt bad for leaving Sonic. He would find some way to get Sonic out of there no matter how long it takes. He just hopes Sonic is still alive when he figures out this plan. Tails could hear Robotnik's voice in the distance, "Find them!" and Tails ran ahead of Knuckles making him having to follow Tails.

The End

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