The escape

Knuckles busts through the double swinging doors with Tails following behind him. They stop at a corner. Knuckles peeks around the corner to see if anyone was coming down the hallway. No one was coming so he turns to Tails and says, "The coast is clear, lets go." Knuckles turns the corner and runs down the hallway to another corner where he stops. He looks down that hallway and notices surveillance cameras oscillating near the ceilings. He looks further down and finds a dozen more cameras, "I don't think your blueprints were outdated, Tails."

Tails peeks around the corner as well to see the cameras, "There's no way we'll make it through there."

"The lasers..." Knuckles remembered.

"Yeah, if we tried to run through all of those, we'd be blasted to bits in no time."

"I guess we'll have to find an alternative route then." Knuckles suggested as he backed away from the corner and leaned against the wall.

Tails tried to remember the passage ways from his blueprints of Robotnik's base. His face glowed with an idea, "I know a way, follow me." Tails ran and Knuckles followed him down the hallway behind them through another set of double swinging doors, "There should be a ventilation system somewhere along the walls of this hallway."

Tails was about to pass by another hallway ahead of them when Knuckles pulled him back, "Hold on, I think I hear something." Knuckles said. Knuckles and Tails hid behind another corner. Knuckles listened to hear running footsteps headed their way.

As they stood there, Tails saw right next to his feet, a vent, "Knuckles, I found it." He whispered and pointed to the vent.

"Hurry up and pull it out." Knuckles rushed Tails.

Tails got on his knees and tried to pull the vent out to realize that it was screwed in by the corners, "No good, Knuckles. It's screwed in."

"Let me have a go at it." Knuckles insisted. He got on his knees and punched the vent until it was broken enough to pull out, "That did it." Knuckles smirked at his own genius.

"Lets go." Tails crawled into the ventilation system with Knuckles right behind him. Robotnik could be heard running down the hall and Knuckles feet were still sticking out of the vent and into the hallway.

"Hurry up Tails, crawl faster!" Knuckles whispered anxiously.

By the time Robotnik passed down their hallway, the vent cover was placed back on the wall (poorly) and Knuckles and Tails were safely hidden in the ventilation system.

"That was another close one." Knuckles said. Their voices echoed through the ventilation shaft, "Where do we go from here, do you remember?" Knuckles asked Tails.

"As much as I can remember, I believe we're on the 3rd floor of Eggmans base. So what we want to do, is find a way down from here." Tails explained.

"Good plan..." Knuckles said with sarcasm.

The ventilation shaft was pretty dark except for the lights that the hallway gave them through every vent cover they passed. They came upon a long ventilation shaft with no light support so they couldn't see where they were going.

"We could really use some light in here." Knuckles said.

"No kidding, It's pitch black in here."

"Hey, stop kicking my head!" Knuckles yelled.

"Oh, sorry Knuckles, I didn't think you were that close."

"Well I am."

They weren't getting closer to the end of the shaft anytime soon.

"How much longer?" Knuckles impatiently asked.

"I think we should be there shortlYYYYYY!" Tails suddenly fell down a hole he couldn't see. His voice echoed as he continued to scream and fall down a ventilation shaft that went downwards.

"Tails!" Knuckles couldn't feel Tail's shoes in front of him, he continued to crawl until he fell down the same hole and screamed as he slid down it.

The End

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