Two for the price of one

Slowly, Tails opens his eyes. His vision is in doubles when he looks around. He was placed on a cold, hard table in an unknown room. The lights above him kept him from opening his eyes too wide. Tails could only squint at the moment.

"Good evening, fox boy." Robotnik's voice echoed in Tails ears. He couldn't see Robotnik because he was too dazed to turn his head.

"wha..." Tails could hardly speak. His head felt so heavy that it turned to his left. When his head turned, he saw another table with Knuckles strapped down onto it, "Knu...ckles." Unfortunately Knuckles was still unconscious so Tail's call of names was useless.

"It seems you're little game of cat and mouse backfired." Robotnik said, "But no worries, you're safe and sound in my laboratory." Robotnik laughed.

Tails began to feel a lot more sober and the ringing in his ears were starting to go away. He was getting used to the lights above him. Tails was going to rub his eyes until he realized he was strapped down to his table as well. Looking at his tied down arms and legs, Tails tried his best to break free, but the straps were too strong.

"What're you up to Eggman?" Tails asked lifting his head to see Robotnik at the foot of his table staring down at Tails.

"Me? Nothing to worry your little head over .I'm simply having your friend Sonic run some errands for me. No pun intended, of course." Robotnik pulled out a tiny computer chip he kept in his hand the whole time, "I must say I'm impressed with your little tracking device." Robotnik said tossing it in the air and catching it over and over again.

"What have you done with Sonic?" Tails screamed making Knuckles toss in his unconsciousness until he awoke.

Knuckles opened his eyes and freaked out much quicker than Tails did, "Where the heck am I!" Knuckles screamed.

Robotnik walked over to Knuckles table and stood by his side, "Ah, it seems you've come to also my little echidna."

"Let me out..." Knuckles whispered with his teeth clenched in anger, "Let me out!" He screamed once more, pulling at the straps that trapped him.

"Oh my," Robotnik raised his arms as to pretend he was scared, "I think you better calm yourself or else I won't release you."

"You weren't going to anyways." Tails said.

"Quite right, Tails." Robotnik walked over to tails side and ruffled his fur up on top of his head, "Aren't you a smart little fox." he chuckled deeply and walked to the far wall and leaned on it.

"Where is Sonic you big oaf?" Tails asked.

"He's taking a break in his little cell, I don't need him at the moment but when I do, I'll give him his orders."

"What are you making him do?" Tails asked.

"Well now that the secret is out I might as well tell you. I was using him to get the chaos emeralds from under your little noses. He was my spy per say."

Tails gasped, "the chaos emerald from my workshop..."

"That's right, Sonic brung it to me. It seems like you can't even trust your best friends anymore." he chuckled deeply again.

"That wasn't Sonic though, it couldn't be..." Tails mumbled.

"Oh, but it is. He told me he's changing teams. He says he wants to work for me now."

"That's a lie!" Knuckles yelled accusingly.

"Yeah! Sonic would never join you!" Tails joined in the yelling.

"Maybe later I'll prove it to you. But for now, I need some information about the Chaos emeralds."

"We'll never tell you!" Tails taunted.

"I suggest you spill the beans now or else I'll be forced to turn you into my personal little slaves." Robotnik pointed to the operating tools on a little metal tray next to Knuckle's and Tail's tables.

Tail's eyes wander as he thinks about what to do, "Should I tell him or should I just let him..." Tail's face lit up with a plan.

Knuckles saw Tail's face and he was scared that he was actually going to tell Robotnik where the chaos emeralds are, "Don't do it, Tails." Knuckles whispered.

"Alright, Eggman I'll tell you." Tails put on a sad face even though it was fake.

"Tails, don't!" Knuckles pleaded.

"Very wise, Tails." Robotnik complimented.

"there's three emeralds at the mystic cave, two at Green Hill, and the last one is in at my house." It was hard to make up locations for the Emeralds, and he hoped that he didn't look too suspicious.

Knuckles was confused and that's when he knew what Tails was doing. He had a smile on his face, it was kind of funny to him.

"Very good." Robotnik began to leave the laboratory. He pushed the swinging doors open and when the doors were about to close, Robotnik stuck his head through one of the doors to say, "by the way, If the emeralds are not there, Then you'll suffer the consequences." he left the room with his laughter echoing throughout the room.

When Knuckles and Tails were all alone, Knuckles was the first to speak, "So do you have a plan?" Asking Tails turning his head at an uncomfortable angle to see Tails.

Tails looked around the laboratory as much as he could and his eyes lastly looked at the utensils on the metal plate next to his table, "I got it!"

"Tell me." Knuckles said.

"All I do.." Tails tried to reach for the scalpel on the metal plate with his hand that was constricted by the straps, "Is get this...stupid...knife..." He got a hold of the rolling platform the plate was sitting upon and pulled it slowly towards him, "Almost got it..." he mumbled to himself feeling anxious.

"You can do it, Tails." Knuckles encouraged Tails.

The rolling platform bumped against Tail's table which made the plate of operating utensils fall off the platform and the utensils to slip off the plate, "No you don't!" Tails caught the scalpel in mid-air, "Yes!"

"Way to go!" Knuckles cheered.

Tails rotated the scalpel so the sharp end was pointed towards the straps. It seemed as though the knife was too short to reach the straps, "I can't reach it, Knuckles."

"Stretch, Tails, come on."

Tails moved the handle of the knife higher in his finger tips. The knife barely touched the straps, "It's barely touching."

"Crap!" Knuckles cursed.

Tails tried his best to cut the straps and he could only cut a little bit and that's when he had another idea, "Maybe if I just cut a little bit, I could rip the straps in half by pushing against them."

"Good idea."

Tails cut as much as he could, then he pushed against the straps as hard as he could until the straps were making a ripping sound, "It's doing it." The strap to his knife arm ripped open and his arm was free to move, "Onto the next one." Tails did the same thing until that arm was free, then he sat up stretching out his back, "These tables aren't as comfortable as you would think."

"No duh." Knuckles commented.

Tails leaned over to the straps constricting his legs and cut those loose. He jumped onto the floor, "Free at last."

"Good for you, now come help me out." Knuckles said.

Tails began cutting the straps to Knuckles arms when they heard footsteps coming down the hallway on the other side of the swinging doors, "Hurry up..." Knuckles said nervously.

Tails cut the straps constricting Knuckles legs as quick as he could.

One of Robotnik's robot assistants passed through the doors to find Tails and Knuckles gone, "Hostages have escaped!" The robot kept repeating the same line as it moved out of the room.

Knuckles and tails were actually hiding behind the tables they were once tied down to, "That was a close one huh, Knuckles?"

"Got that right." Knuckles stood up halfway to look through the round windows of the swinging doors. He could see the hallway was empty, "Come on, let's go." Knuckles stood up and grabbed Tails arm to follow him.

The End

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