The Steak out

The sun had set when being silent as they could; Tails and Knuckles followed Sonic to wherever he keeps disappearing to without word. Tails brought along a device that shows where Sonic is at by a tiny green dot on a screen covered with a grid. The tiny computer chip Tails hid within the flower he gave Sonic is connected to this Sonic tracking device.

Tails and Knuckles stopped and lay on top of a cliff where the device shows Sonic slowing down below them in a canyon. Knuckles was getting tired of walking around when they had a perfectly good plane back at Tails workshop.

"Why didn't we take the Tornado, Tails?" Knuckles asked exhausted.

"Because we're not trying to get caught, and the tornado would blow our cover with its loud engine."

"Right..." Knuckles didn't care how loud the engine was; he still thought walking was a waste of time.

Sonic's dot on the tracking device was still slowing down, "This isn't like Sonic to be slowing down." Tails said quietly to himself.

"You got a point, Tails." Knuckles watched the tracking device with Tails, "What's going on here?" Knuckles noticed the dot wasn't even moving anymore. He put his hand in Tails shoulder bag that he had brought with him also and pulled out some binoculars. He put his eyes against the looking holes and tried to find Sonic in the shadows of the night. Knuckles froze his view on a dark blue figure, it's probably Sonic.

"I think I found him." Knuckles confirmed passing the binoculars to Tails and pointing to the spot he saw Sonic, "I think he's by those rocks."

Tails took the binoculars and looked at the spot Knuckles was pointing at. When the binoculars view was settled on a dark blue figure he confirmed it as well, "I see him. I wonder what he's doing."

Sonic was just standing there with his head tilted down and his eyes wandering. He focused all of his attention on nearby noises. He sensed someone was following him. His ear twitched when he heard something moving in the grass close to him.

Tails kept his eyes on Sonic when Sonic turned his head and looked at where Tails was. Tails put the binoculars down and told Knuckles to duck as Tails did.

"You think he saw us?" Knuckles asked.

"I hope not." Tails replied nervously.

Sonic kept looking at that spot. When nobody was seen, he sped off leaving dust in his trails.

Tails looked at his tracking device again and saw the dot moving incredibly fast, "He's on the move, lets go." Tails said. He got up and decided to give Knuckles a break and fly while he carried Knuckles.

"Thanks a lot." Knuckles held on to Tail's hand with one as he held the tracking device in the other. Tails spun his twin tails and floated off the ground with Knuckles hanging on below.

Tails got tired flying for half an hour while following Sonic. They stood on top another cliff of the canyon. Sonic was slowing down again and possibly stopping for another time.

"Why is he stopping?" Knuckles asked irritatingly confused.

"He probably senses us." Tails assumed.

"Then why doesn't he come over to us?"

"Maybe he doesn't know it's us, or maybe he's not entirely sure."

"Like that makes any sense." Knuckles said sarcastically.

Tails got out the binoculars again and zoomed in on Sonic. He noticed something in Sonic's hand that he didn't notice before. A big piece of paper was in his right hand.

"What do you see? Knuckles asked.

"He's holding some sort of big paper." Tails confirmed.

Sonic then turned his head toward them again. Before Knuckles and Tails could hide, something big hit the ground behind them and shaking it all around them.

Knuckles turned around baring his knuckles and ready to fight. When he noticed who it was, he almost changed his mind until he built up the courage to be brave.

Mecha Sonic stared down at Tails and Knuckles, "You will come with me." Mecha Sonic said in his metallic voice.

"In your dreams!" Knuckles powered up his punched and let it rip into Mecha Sonic's stomach. Little did Knuckles know that Mecha had an invisible electric force field around him that electrocutes anyone who tries to attack him in hand to hand combat. Knuckles feels the electric current running through his body as he gets electrocuted, His voice bouncing around as he screams in pain.

"Knuckles!" Tails tried to pull Knuckles out of Mecha's electric force field but the electric energy passed on from Knuckles to Tails making them both get electrocuted together.

When the electrocution was over, Tails and Knuckles fell backwards off of the cliff nearly unconscious. Before they could hit the ground, Mecha was below them in a second and caught them in midair. Mecha landed next to regular Sonic. Mecha handed Sonic, Tails. Sonic cradled Tails in his arms and Mecha held Knuckles.

Sonic looked down at Tails electrocuted body and the small burns in his fur and inside he hated himself. But of course the evil side took over and said to Mecha, "Let's go."

Mecha nodded and blasted off in the air while Sonic boosted down the dirt road of the canyon.

Tails wasn't unconscious yet, but he was feeling weak. His eyes were half open when he saw Sonic in his sights above him. He could feel the wind in his hair and he knew they were running really fast somewhere. Sonic got blurry in Tails eyes as they closed and Tails passed out.

The End

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