Interrogation of Sonic

Meanwhile, at Tails workshop, Tails was trying to figure out a plan with some blueprints that lay on the table in front of him. He stole the prints from Robotniks base a long time ago. He didn't know or not if the prints were out of date or if Robotniks base had changed all that much.

Knuckles stood on the other side of the table and watched as Tails formulated a plan, "So what do you have so far?"

"Well, as far as I know, we're going to need some more people for this." Tails thought out loud.

Knuckles walked over to Tails side to look at the blue prints with him, "Why's that?"

"You see here," Tails pointed to some inner hallways and the lines making the hallway "There's going to be a lot of security cameras and lasers attached to them."

"So? How many do you think there are in that one hallway?" Knuckles asked not seeing the sense of danger Tails was explaining.

"About 30 or 50..." Tails tried to calculate in his head slowly.

"Oh...I get it now."

"Exactly, with me and you going in there won't be enough. We can't take out over 50 laser cameras by ourselves."

"I bet Sonic could." Knuckles stated.

"I bet he could too...Speaking of Sonic, we need to find him so he can help us with this plan."

"How about you look behind you." speak of the devil; Sonic was right behind them with a welcoming smile on his face.

Tails had a big smile on his face too, relieved to find Sonic alive. He ran over to Sonic and gave him a hug while Sonic ruffled the fur on Tail's head.

Knuckles walked over to Sonic and patted him on the back with a smile across his face.

"It's like you guys haven't seen me in forever. What's going on?" Sonic asked.

Tails backed up to tell Sonic how they went to his house to find his bathroom all smashed to bits.

"Oh that..." Sonic was nervous, even though it wasn't their Sonic they were talking to. It was Eggmans minion who was in control at the moment, "An earthquake...yeah that's what happened. I was asleep at the time when it happened this morning so I don't know how my bathroom got to be that way." Sonic chuckled nervously.

"How do you explain the dent on your bedroom wall then?" Knuckles asked accusingly.

"I don't know...I'm a very heavy sleeper."

Tails could see some sweat running down the side of Sonic's face, "Are you feeling alright, Sonic?"

Sonic laughed, "I've never felt better, and why do you ask?"

Tails looked deep into Sonic's eyes and he thought he saw an image of Sonic in his pupils screaming for help. Tails shook his head to relieve the images he saw from his mind, "No reason, I'm just being a little worrisome about you. You know how I get." He smiled.

"Yea I know, buddy." Sonic said.

Knuckles almost forgot what tails forgot to mention. He went ahead and did it before the question was gone from his memory, "You know the chaos emerald is gone don't you, Sonic?"

Sonic looked from Knuckles to Tails. Back and forth feeling nervous again, "No I didn't. Where'd you last see it?"

"Well Tails here..." Tails interrupted.

"It was in the scanner when I showed you those results of the chaos emeralds power, remember?"

"Oh yeah, I remember...I went for a run when you left to see knuckles."

"Oh...okay then." Tails said.

Knuckles paid close attention to Sonic's reactions. He noticed Sonic's lips twitching as if he wanted to say something but he kept changing his mind. He could of swore he heard Sonic whisper for help but just like tails, Knuckles shook his head to relieve the images that might've not been real.

"So what were you guys looking at before I rudely interrupted?" Sonic stepped passed the guys as if the previous conversations never happened. He bent over the blue prints once he saw them. Robotnik could see through Sonic's eyes from the monitor from his base. When Robotnik saw the blue prints to his base on the table, he began giving Sonic orders.

"You need to destroy those blueprints, Sonic. Not now, wait until the coast is clear, take it and run away." Robotnik commanded.

"Yes, my master." Sonic whispered.

"What'd you say?" Knuckles asked.

Sonic met Knuckles eyes and smiled like he didn't know what Knuckles was talking about, "I didn't say anything. You hearing voices again Knuckles?" Sonic span his finger toward his own head to say Knuckles was crazy.

Tails walked to Sonic's side and explained why they needed the blueprints and he also showed Sonic the blue metal piece they found at Sonic's house.

"I wonder what it belongs to..." Sonic said about the blue metal piece.

"Whatever it is, It's belongs to Eggman and we want to find out what he's up to. But we need more people for this."

"Guys, there's no need to go to Eggmans base, I don't think he's up to anything." Sonic said walking away from the table and towards the open area outside of the workshop.

"You see an Eggman logo in your house and you don't want to investigate?" Knuckles couldn't believe what he was hearing. Where did his buddy go?

"No, Knuckles I don't want to investigate because you know what that leads to? It leads to fighting and people getting hurt and I don't want that to happen to you guys." Sonic said turning around.

"If we have more people, then we'll be just fine. I'm sure the Chaotix, Amy, Rouge, and all of our other friends can help. It'll be an even match and it'll be all over in no time" Tails explained like he was absolutely positive they were going to win.

"Sorry guys, I don't think it'll be that easy. And plus I'm sick of fighting now. Maybe if we leave Eggman alone, everything will be alright." Sonic said.

Knuckles walked over to Sonic with disbelief on his face, "What are you saying, Sonic!" He shook Sonic with hands on both of his shoulders, "You know Eggman is not going to leave us alone, He wants to rule the world for god's sakes. If we don't do something, He's going to make our lives a living nightmare!"

Sonic peeled Knuckles hand off his shoulder, "And maybe he won't." He looked at Knuckles with seriousness in his eyes, "We need to wait this out, and if nothing happens. Then I'll happily accept your apologies for shaking me like a British nanny." Sonic then began walking out of the workshop without a goodbye.

Tails ran after him. When Tails stepped in front of Sonic, Sonic stopped.

"Wait." Tails begged.

"What is it?" Sonic wasn't in the mood to talk, but he would never be mean to Tails. Even the evil side controlling him wasn't going to be mean.

"I wanna give you something before you go. Stay here for a second?" Tails asked nicely.

Sonic obeyed and watched as Tails went back to the workshop to fetch the item.

Tails pulled a drawer out from under his computer desk on the other side of the workshop and obtained a flower Cream had given Tails at her Birthday party. He quickly pulled another item out; a little computer chip and he put it inside of the stem to keep it hidden.

Sonic watched Tails run back to him.

Tails handed him the flower, "Cream wanted me to give this to you since you didn't show at her birthday party."

Something inside Sonic made him feel sad. The real sonic trapped inside was trying to come out when a tiny tear surfaced in his eye. The evil Sonic wiped it away and took the flower from Tails, "Tell her I said thanks. I'll see you guys later."

"See ya!" Tails waved goodbye as Sonic sped off leaving a trail of dusting floating in the air.

Knuckles came by Tails side looking confused, "What was that for?" he asked.

"You'll see..."

The End

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