The Sonic investigation.

Tails returned from Angel Island to his workshop. As he stepped in he wondered where Sonic disappeared to. He looked at the scanner that used to have the Chaos emerald in it. Tails ran to the scanner to make sure he wasn't just imagining things. He looked around the workshop; He looked in drawers in desks, under desks, he even looked in his plane to see if he accidently took it with him when he fled to Angel Island.

"It's really gone, oh no!" Tails cried out. He got back in his plane that was still running, "I have to tell knuckles about this!" He fled off down the runway once again to Angel Island. Once he got to Angel Island he saw Knuckles didn't move an inch from the Master Emerald shrine.

Knuckles heard Tails coming by again and ran to meet him at the landing point of the Tornado.

Tails kept the Tornado running, "Knuckles, a chaos emerald is missing!"

"No way! Where'd you have it last?" Knuckles quickly asked.

"I left it at my workshop before I came to meet you before, but now it's gone."

"Smooth move, you don't just leave those things lying around like that, you know Eggman lives on the same planet we do you know!"

"There's no time, come on!" Tails yelled.

"Wait a minute, Tails. Who knows, maybe Sonic took it for safe keeping." Knuckles assumed.

"You think?" Tails said trying to calm down.

"You wanna go check his house?" Knuckles asked.

"Sure, are you coming?" Tails asked.

Knuckles looked back at the master emerald.

"We'll be back in time, don't worry." Tails said.

Knuckles hesitated, "...okay, let's make it quick." Knuckles hopped into the tornado and Tails flew off the Island and into the air.

Tails landed in front of Sonic's house. He turned off the tornado and both tails and knuckles hopped out of the plane. Tails and knuckles approached the house. Tails pushed the already cracked open door all the way open until it bumped into the wall.

"Hello!" Tails called for Sonic but no one answered. The inside of the house was dark except for the sunshine coming through the windows. The sunshine still wasn't enough to see where they were walking. Knuckles walked ahead of Tails and looked for a light switch.

"It's over here, knuckles" Tails turned the light switch to the on position but no light was visible. Knuckles kept walking around the room trying not to trip over anything when his head bumped into something. The object kept bumping into his head until Knuckles caught it. He felt it and recognized the shape, "the light bulb is broken apparently."

"Well bring it over to the light." Tails meant the sun shining through the window.

Knuckles did just that and Tails examined the translucent light bulb and the wires inside of it. One of the wires inside of the bulb wasn't attached to the other wires and it was rolling around the walls of the bulb, "Yep, the bulb is shot." He let go of the bulb and it again hit Knuckles in the face as it swung back from the ceiling line it was attached to.

"Gah, stupid...bulb" Knuckles grabbed the bulb and steadied it at the center of the room so it wouldn't swing anymore.

"Lets keep looking." Tails said as he walked deeper into the house.

Knuckles followed behind Tails.

"Sonic, are you in here?" Tails called for him again. Still there was no answer.

"Maybe he's sleeping." Knuckles guessed.

"Maybe..." Tails then saw a light at the end of a hallway. Sonic's bathroom was lit up. Tails ran towards the bathroom and Knuckles followed behind. Once they entered the bathroom, they witnessed something shocking; the sink and the wall behind it was broken to pieces as if someone has been thrown or fallen into it. A big gaping hole was now in its place and inside of the hole you could see on the other side, Sonic's room.

"What the heck happened here?" Tails loudly questioned in shock.

"Either Sonic's going crazy or someone was here with him..." Knuckles thought out loud.

"Maybe one of Eggmans robots?" Tails asked

"Maybe..." Knuckles looked through the gaping hole and saw on the other side of Sonic's wall was a crack in it as if someone was smashed against it, "lets check out his room, Tails."

Tails followed Knuckles as they jogged into Sonic's room. The room was lit up by the sunshine outside a window. Knuckles examined the crack in the wall by kneeling down in front of it. The crack was as big as a body, "Looks like Sonic was in some kind of struggle." Knuckles assumed.

"It couldn't be one of the smaller badniks could it?" Tails wondered.

"No, this thing was bigger than him but small enough to fit in the house."

"Who could it be then?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out, Tails." Knuckles said kind of annoyed at Tails questioning.

"Sorry." Tails apologized.

" seems like we don't have many leads." Knuckles stood up and was about to walk away until he stepped on something that made a crunching sound. He lifted his foot up and saw a blue metal piece with a picture on it.

Tails picked up the blue metal piece and took in into the better lit up area of the room near the sunlight, "Hey, Knuckles come look at this."

Knuckles walked to Tails side, "What is it?"

Tails pointed towards the side of the piece with the picture on it. The picture was a signature of Eggmans with his face on it, "I think we have our lead Knuckles."

"Yes we do, come on lets go get that Egghead." Knuckles was about to run out of the room until Tails stopped him.

"Wait, Knuckles. We can't just break into Eggmans base and expect him to tell us what we want to know." Tails said.

Knuckles stood near the door way, "I suppose you have a better plan?"

"Not yet, but I'll think of one. In the meantime," Tails walked pass Knuckles and turned toward him, "Try not to go in there until I say so."

Knuckles chuckled, "Well well, Mr. Prowers' the big boss now huh?"

Tails laughed too, "I think you'd be safer with my plans knucklehead."

"Whatever you say."

Tails held on to the blue metal piece as he and Knuckles took off in the tornado and back towards Tails workshop to think up a plan.

The End

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