The Open Knuckles

Tails was still flying in the Tornado when he was over Angel Island. He landed carefully on the dirt road near the master emerald shrine. Tails met knuckles at the stop of the shrine.

Knuckles was napping on the steps when Tails came along.

"Hey, Knuckles wake up I gotta talk to you." tails said getting impatient.

Knuckles slowly woke up and instantly remembered about the master emerald. He ran up the steps of the master emerald shrine to see if the master emerald was still there.

Tails followed knuckles up the steps.

When knuckles saw the master emerald in from of him, he calmed down.

Tails stood behind knuckles.

Knuckles didn't turn towards Tails. Instead, he took a seat on the top step, "What is it Tails?" knuckles asked without making eye contact.

"Tails took a seat next to knuckles and didn't hesitate on the news, "It's about the chaos emeralds."

Knuckles looked at Tails, worried, "Did Eggman take them again?"

"No." Tails replied.

"Oh..." knuckles mumbled. As long as Robotnik didn't have them, then he was worry free, "What's the news then?" knuckles asked uninterested.

"Well, earlier today I did some testing on a chaos emerald what it does to our bodies when we use its power. To put it frankly, the chaos emeralds are hurting us, they take some of our energy with it."

"I know." knuckles said coolly.

"You know?" tails asked kind of mad.

"Well yea, I do know more about chaos emeralds than you," he looked back at the master emerald, "Since I'm protecting the biggest one of them all."

"Why didn't you tell us, knuckles!" Tails stood up yelling angrily, "Do you know how many times Sonic has used those chaos emeralds to defeat Eggman?"

Knuckles looked at Tails, not effected by his angry tone, "Yes I do know, Tails." he

"Do you not care that he's slowly dying?"

"I care a lot, Tails." Knuckles was getting a little tense with all of these accusations that Tails was throwing at him.

"Then why don't you stop him from using them!"

Knuckles stood up and got face to face with Tails, "Because it's not my job to protect him!" He turned away and walked towards the master emerald, "My job is to protect the master emerald, no one else..."

"But we're your friends, knuckles..." Tails said quietly and a little offended.

"It doesn't feel like it sometimes..." Knuckles said.

"What do you mean?" Tails asked

Knuckles didn't look at Tails when he spoke. He closed his eyes for a long time sometimes, "When the planet broke apart and Sonic was a werewolf, were was I?"

Tails didn't say anything, he listened.

"When Eggman made a space theme park with those wisp things, where was I?"

"Knuckles, I didn't know..." Tails started to say.

"You didn't know what? That I wanted to come and help?" Knuckles walked over to tails, "you say I'm your friend, but you guys never seek my help anymore." He walked around flailing his arms out in anger, "A little action here and there would be nice if you guys would ask me to come along for god sakes!"

"Knuckles, I'm sorry. I promise you can come along when Eggman tries to rule the world again."

Knuckles chuckled sarcastically, "No no, don't promise anything, Tails, alright? I won't be surprised if I don't get word on your next adventure. I'm just gonna be stuck here on this stupid pedestal for the rest of my pathetic life." Knuckles finally plopped down next to the Master emerald in silence.

Tails walked over to knuckles slowly and sat down by his side, "Knuckles, I'm truly sorry. We all just assumed you were too busy to go anywhere."

"Well I was, to be honest. All those days when I was away from the Master emerald, I was scared. I was scared that it would be destroyed or taken away by Eggman. I guess I'm just being some sort of hypocrite." Knuckles chuckled quietly.

Tails smiled at Knuckles laughed, "Well I promise you that Sonic and I will come by before we take off to stop Eggman and ask if you want to come with us."

Knuckles looked at Tails with a smirk, "Sounds like a plan."

"It sure does." Tails said.

The End

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