The truth about the chaos emeralds

The next morning, Tails is working in his workshop. He stands at a wooden table with his computer on top of the table, typing on it. A green chaos emerald rests under a scanning device with humming; glowing rings keep it in place. "I don't understand..." tails mumbles. For weeks, Tails has been investigating the power of the chaos emeralds, as well as why Sonic is the only one who can use their energy to transform.

On his laptop, an image of Sonic is displayed on the screen. Tails starts a simulation of the chaos emeralds power, making the one chaos emerald equal six more. Tails knows it's risky but if he doesn't find out soon, he'll go mad.

A 3D DNA image is displayed next to Sonic's picture. When the chaos emerald powers up, Sonic's virtual DNA image turns bright gold. Tails stops the simulation and the DNA image turns back to normal, except when he looked at the strength and life force level; the strength decreased dramatically and his life force was also decreasing, only by a little.

"I can't believe this..." tails never knew, "The chaos emeralds are eating away at Sonic!" he totally forgot about the transformation investigation, and now the safety of his best friend is all that matters now."I have to tell him!" but before he could leave his workship, Sonic was already there.

"Hey buddy!" Sonic greeted.

Tails felt so relieved to see sonic. He grabbed the green chaos emerald from the scanner to show Sonic, "hey Sonic, I have to tell you something."

"What is it?" Sonic asked.

"It has to do with the chaos emeralds!" Tails was so anxious to give Sonic the bad news. It was also an interesting find too. It felt to learn something new. "Sonic, these chaos emeralds are killing you!"

Sonic jumped back in surprise "What!" He yelled in question. "What do you mean? I thought they were doing good!"

"According to the data collected from the simulation I ran, they're not."

"What data show me." Sonic walked with tails to his computer.

Tails placed the chaos emerald in the scanner again and ran the simulation again with Sonic watching at his side, "You see Sonic," Tails began pointing at the readings, "When you use the chaos emeralds to turn supersonic, your blood cells are working twice as hard to reach that level of power."

Sonic looked at the readings with interest, "Wow, I had no idea..."

"Wait there's more." tails made the simulation come to an end to give the overall results, "As soon as the chaos emeralds use up all of their energy, it takes some of your energy too."

"Whoa, that explains why I feel so tired after I turn back from my super form..."

"Precisely." tails confirmed.

"So what are we suppose to do to stop Eggmans death machines, the ones that are too big for regular Sonic to stop?"

Tails shrugs, "I don't know, Sonic. But I think you should stop relying on the chaos emeralds for a while so we can come up with a solution."

The news sounded terrible to Sonic. It was going to be hard to stop Robotnik without the chaos emeralds. When he tried to think of other ways to stop Robotnik and his future giant death machines, his brain stopped to the seven chaos emeralds.

"This is going to be hard..." Sonic said to himself.

"Let's just hope Eggman won't be plotting anytime soon." Tails joked and giggled.

Sonic tried to laugh but only a small fake chuckle came through. Sonic was becoming nervous now. Without the emeralds, Sonic could only save the world from the little things Robotnik throws his way.

"Well I'm gonna go and tell knuckles the news." Tails wasn't too happy about giving away bad news bit it had to be done.

Tails exited the workship and started up the tornado plane, "I'll be back later, Sonic!" Tails flew off down the runway in the Tornado. Sonic waved farewell until Tails and the Tornado was out of sight.

Sonic turned back towards the workshop. Sonic noticed that Tails left the chaos emerald in the scanner, "What a stupid move." Sonic thought. He grabbed the chaos emerald from the scanner device, "I got what you asked for boss." Sonic said into a tiny earpiece he was wearing.

"Very good, come back to my lab and we'll begin preparations." Robotnik said on the other end of the microphone.

"I'm on my way..." and in one supersonic second later, he was gone.

The End

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