Operation: Sonic

One by one, the ceiling lights turn on until the room is completely lit. Sonic lies on a cold hard table in the middle of the room with his arms and legs tied down. Sonic awakens with a slight headache. He slowly opens his eyes and looks around the room. The ceiling lights gave off a rather annoying buzzing sound and it got worse the more he looked into it. He closed his eyes and looked at the room again but without looking at the lights. He was in some sort of white tiled room from ceiling to floor. A granite counter rested in the corner and operating utensils lye on a separate table next to his table.

"What's…going on…?" Sonic still felt drugged from the shot. He was tired and confused all at once. Sonic heard footsteps clacking on the hard floor on the other side of the double doors behind him. The double doors swung open to reveal in white scrubs like a real doctor. His face mask unfortunately couldn't hide his long handle bar mustache that poked out of the sides. Sonic stared at Robotnik with his eyes that couldn't hold an angry look with the drugs going through his system, "Egg…man." He couldn't speak clearly.

moved the mask from his face and smiled at Sonic but Sonic laughed quietly to himself. Robotnik heard his chuckle, "What's so funny hedgehog?"

"It's nothing…" he swallowed "you were never a real doctor…yet you dress like one, heh."

"I've done my fair share of operations my boy." He picked up a pair of white rubber gloves and put them on one at a time. He let the gloves slap against his wrist when they were all the way on. The sound of the slapping rubber made Sonic wince. Robotnik noticed Sonics' wincing, "Scared?" Robotnik asked.

"Heh, I'm not afraid of anything Eggman." Sonic lied, he was getting nervous every time Robotnik picked up something or walked around. He had no way out of this. He didn't have the power of the werehog anymore, and he didn't have the chaos emeralds. The only thing he hoped for right now was that Robotnik put him to sleep before he did anything. He didn't want to witness the excruciating pain of what Robotnik might do.

"You're shaking Sonic…why?" Robotnik asked. At the moment, Robotnik felt like he had won a prize for seeing the fear come out of Sonic. This might be the best moments of Robotniks life.

Sonic didn't answer.

Robotnik walked around to Sonics' right side and bent down to get face to face, "You are afraid, aren't you?"

Sonic looked away.

"There's no need to be scared Sonic. I promise you it won't hurt a bit." Robotnik was telling the truth. He may have hated Sonic for foiling his plans. But there was a part of him that was still a caring human being. He smiled caringly and stood straight up. He walked over to the operating table to examine his tools.

After a long while, Sonic finally spoke again, "Will I be awake…?"

Robotnik looked up at Sonic, puzzled, "Hmm?"

"Will…I be awake when you operate." A tear escaped Sonics' eyes.

Robotnik suddenly felt bad for Sonic but he couldn't stop the operation. His plans were finally coming together. He couldn't afford to plan something else. "You'll be in a deep sleep Sonic, completely unaware of anything." He smiled reassuringly.

Sonic smiled too, but it went away fast. "Good…"

Robotnik takes a syringe and fills it with more green liquid in a jar from his other hand. He walks behind Sonic and places Sonic's hand in the palm of his. "One little prick..." Robotnik sticks Sonic with the needle in his neck and pushes the liquid out until it's empty. "And off you go." Robotnik takes the needle out.

Sonic starts to get tired again. Before he drifts off to sleep, he mumbles, "I'm sorry tails..." his vision gets blurry until it completely blackens. His head hits the table with a ding and falls into a deep sleep.

The End

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