Sonic is captured

By the time Sonic got to his house, the sun was already starting to set and a cold breeze coming through. Sonic got a cold chill down his back as he stared down his house. Something didn't feel right. He walked towards his front door. The door made a creaking sound as the wind blew it open a crack. Sonic grabbed the door and opened it all the way to reveal his dark living room. He stepped through the door and turned the light switch to the on position, but the light bulb hanging from a string from the ceiling never came on.

"That's odd..." Sonic mumbled. He walked to the light bulb and inspected the wires inside the translucent bulb as he held the bulb in the palm of his hand. The wires were shot and unusable. He dropped the bulb and let it swing back and forth, "I guess I'll have to ask Tails for some more bulbs."

Sonic walked under an arched walkway and down the dark hallway. He used his hands to slide against the walls to feel where he was going. He touched the side of the doorway to his bathroom and felt relief. As he entered his bathroom, he tried the light switch in there and to his surprise, it worked. "Cool beans." Sonic commented. Peering into the mirror over the sink, Sonic inspected his face and picked his ear with his pinky. He needed to clean his ears out. He got out a box of cue tips and picked out one cue tip. When he picked a cue tip out of the box, he accidently knocked the box off the counter. Sonic bent over to pick up the box and he picked his ear with the cue tip at the same time. He bent back up and looked back in the mirror only to see in the reflection, a blue spiky metal figure behind him. It was Metal Sonic.

Sonic was about to turn around to face Metal until Metal grabbed Sonics head and threw him through the mirror over the sink. The wall collapsed around Sonic as he landed on the other side of it. Sonic groaned in pain as he watched Metal Sonic approach through the hole in the wall. Sonic slowly tried to stand up but he could only get to his knees. With slow breaths, Sonic started to ask questions, "What do you want this time Metal?"

Metal Sonic didn't respond but instead took Sonic by the neck and pinned him against the wall.

The wall behind Sonic cracked on impact but didn't break completely. Sonic looked at Metal's eyes as they disappeared and turned into a screen. The screen in Metal Sonic's eyes had on them "Eggman!" Sonic croaked with what air in his lungs he could let out through Metal Sonic's grip.

"Good evening Sonic, do you like my new Metal Sonic?" Robotnik asked tauntingly with his evil laugh, "I think this model may be my best and last one yet. To put it simply, it's perfected." he laughed again.

" you want...Eggman?" Sonic asked almost out of breath.

Robotnik noticed Sonics' shortness of breath and loosened Metal Sonics' grip on Sonics' neck.

Sonic let out a big gasp and started coughing.

"I want you to participate in a new experiment I've started. It involves mind control." Robotnik explained, "And I figured that you would be the best patient to try it."

"I'll never cooperate with you…" Sonic sneered.

"I appreciate your honesty Sonic but you have no choice. Either you cooperate or Metal here will have to strangle you until your lungs collapse." Robotnik said with softness to his voice.

Sonic laughed softly "You can't kill me, you need me. If I died, how could you live in a world with no one to stop your evil plans…?"

Robotnik listened closely.

Sonic continued "…You couldn't, you'd go mad with nothing to do. You'd miss me, I know you would."

"Enough!" Robotnik ordered loudly.

A small syringe needle came out of Metal Sonics' left arm compartment. The syringe was filled with green liquid. Sonic cringed at the syringe. His eyes gazed back and forth at Robotniks' image in Metal Sonics' eyes and to the needle, "Come on doc, you know how I feel about physicals…" he gave a small chuckle and swallowed with shaky breaths. He couldn't hide the fear in his voice.

"I promise you won't feel a thing…" Robotnik made Metal Sonic stick the syringe into Sonics arm and pushed the green liquid into his arm until the needle was empty.

Sonic cringed as the needle pierced his skin but immediately went limp as the liquid went into his bloodstream.

Metal Sonic carried Sonic in its arms and crashed through the ceiling with its boosters lit under its feet. Metal Sonic flew into the night sky and towards ' secret base

The End

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