Eggman's Guinea Pig

Eggman Captures Sonic and uses him to do his evil bidding.

The sun is high up in the bright blue sky, the wind is blowing gently across fields of green and through the branches of the tall trees in the forest of Mobius. Sonic the hedgehog lies against a tree with a book to his face. His eyes dart back and forth through words of dialog with a smile across his face, he's enjoying it.

As Tails walks along the dirt road, he spots Sonic against a tree and with a book in his hand. He smirks at the image in front of him; Sonic, stopping in his tracks to read a book, Seems unreal. Tails turns on his twin tails and flies over to Sonic. He lands in front of Sonic on a pile of colored leaves, fall must be starting early, "Hey Sonic, what're you doing reading a book?"

Sonic caught a falling leaf from the tree above him and placed it in the book to save his place. He stood up with book in hand and acknowledged Tails "it's amazing isn't it, have you read it yet?"

"No I haven't, what's it called?" Tails asked.

"I don't know…" Sonic replied.

"You don't know? shouldn't there be a title on the front?" Tails received the book from Sonic and looked at it front to back and on the side.

"No, there's nothing on it." Sonic got the book back.

"Where'd you get it at?" Tails asked.

"On our last day on earth, I went into a book store in station square. The owner was nice enough to give it to me for free." Sonic chuckled.

"Well that was kind of him." Tails said.

"Yea and I guess it's pretty fair too. I scratch their backs, they scratch mine." Sonic slides down the grassy hill and onto the dirt road below.

"Very true, you saved their world a lot and you deserved a little present." Tails follows along beside him.

"I'm not trying to be selfish or anything but I think I deserve a lot for being the hero every single day." they both giggled together at the random conversation they were having.

Tails walks ahead of Sonic "Well I gotta get home Sonic, I'll see you later."

Sonic puts his hand on tail's shoulder "What's the big rush?"

Tails turns his body towards Sonic and begins explaining "I'm just working on something..." he turns his gaze to the ground hesitating to explain the rest.

"Mind if I help?" Sonic asks with a friendly smile stretched across his face.

Tails shook the offer away with his hands "That's okay, it'll probably be too complicated for you anyways." he began scratching the back of his head and his face showed that he was nervous, this project was too private for anyone else to interfere with.

Sonic crossed his arms with a huff "Thanks for insulting my intelligence..."

Tails felt guilty "no no I didn't mean you weren't smart enough. its just that I don't completely understand it yet. It's just something I need to do alone for a little while."

Sonic chuckled and put his arms down "heh, i'm just playing buddy. But hey, if you need a hand, you know where to find me." he gave Tails a friendly wink.

Tails was happy again, "You bet!" He gave himself a running start down the dirt road, started up his twin tails and projectiled himself into the skies. He waved goodbye to Sonic and Sonic waved goodbye back.

Sonic slowly started walking down the pavement again, then he sped up to a jog, and then to a run where he boosted himself towards his house with book in hand.

The End

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