Egg and Chicken

Egg or chicken? What was first? Find out from this short story.

Egg and Chicken




Tom Gawronski




Autumn. Cloudy day. Small wind blows few red and yellow leaves. Two boys are playing on a playground. One says to the other:

“What was first? Egg or chicken?”



“It’s obvious that chickens hatch from eggs. Otherwise they aren’t chickens. Egg was laid by an organism which, in the history of evolution, wasn’t a chicken yet.”

A man reading a newspaper on a bench nearby smiles, gets up, and walks away.

Next day. Sunny. Playground is full of children with parents. There is an article in a newspaper about a scientist explaining that an egg was before the chicken. The boy boasts with proud voice:

“I’ve explained that an egg was before a chicken.”

People laugh. A woman says to a boy:

“It was a scientist. Look in the newspaper”




The End

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