I stepped out of the store careful not to trip. Edward followed behind me being more careful than I was. I looked at him and my heart stopped beating. My hot, gorgeous, not to mention kind boyfriend was the only love of my life. Always have, always will.

"Gene baby, hurry up we need to get going."he said calmly massaging my neck with his talented hands, that feel so good when cupped around my face.

I could almost taste his lips, the way they moved when pressed against mine. I moved toward him mezmirized by his beauty.

He leaned and kissed me quick then said, "It's not time for that right now, maybe later."

I continued to walk out of the store with a pout on my face. Edward took the boxes out of my hands and pressed his lips against mine. His scent still lingered as he ran to the place where only we know about.

The End

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