Really? On a Saturday?Mature

Follow the adventures of staff and students from Harrison High who find themselves and their school pulled through a dimensional rift and planted on a strange new world. A world inhabited by others who are equally displaced and eager to take control of the entire planet.

The weather has started off quite nicely when Mr. Scott had arrived at the Harrison High School that Saturday to catch up on paperwork.  As he snapped on the lights to his office, the hum of the ventilation system covered his deep sigh as he looked upon the large stack of papers on his desk.  Progress reports were due at the first of the week and he still had to sign off a number of individualized education plans and check up on several teachers who had not submitted their paperwork.  

As the newest principal of Harrison High, Mr. Stephen Scott was going through a steep learning curve during his first year on the job.  When he had started at the beginning of the year, he was full of energy and enthusiastic about how he was going to change things for the better.  The staff seemed to be on board with his plans and he had begun with the best intentions to visit all the classrooms and be an educational leader.  The problem was that the managerial aspects of the job were quickly overwhelming him and the amount of space on his desk.

Flopping into his chair, Stephen pressed the power button on his computer and checked his voice mails while the system booted up.  It was a light day for messages.  Only two irate parents and one from the board office looking for month end financial reports that were due yesterday. "Guess I know what's first on the list then," he thought to himself as he sifted through the files to find the expense records.   As he open the folder to inspect the fuel receipts for the sports teams road trips, his phone rang.  Picking up the receiver he was about to say hello when the voice on the other end of the line said in a gruff voice, "You'd better get down to theatre.  There's a problem.  Better hurry."   The connection ended before Mr Scott even had a chance to speak. "This must be serious," he thought as he got up and rushed out the door of his office and then the outer office.  Pulling the door closed behind him, he locked it and made his way down the main hallway to the theatre.

The school had been build in the early 1960's and had seen an additional wing constructed on the southern side of the building in the late 1970's.  At one time the building had housed over two thousand students but now that there were new schools built in the suburbs outside of town, enrollment had dropped to a little over eight hundred.  There had been talk that the school was going to be closed but instead the government had surprised everyone when they renovated the old wings and tore down the old gym and constructed a new state of the art double gymnasium in the early 2000's.  In the past ten years, the theatre had undergone extensive electrical work and seen new technology installed to make it one of the best school auditoriums in the area.  Harrison High's theatre program was attracting top talent from surrounding schools and the sports teams were doing quite well also.  The trophy cases that lined the hall Mr. Scott was walking down had been recently added onto in order to house all the new trophies that the school had been winning.

Passing by the guidance office, Stephen saw that Ms. Charlotte was also in her office working on a Saturday.  Not having time to stop at the moment, he continued down the hall, leaving the old area of the school and entering into the newly renovated lobby area.  Directly to his right was the staircase down to the new gym where he could see the basketball team running drills.  To his left was the first set of double doors that led into the theatre. Pulling open the heavy maroon doors, Mr. Scott got his look at the wide open seating area that spread out from under the balcony above down towards the stage.  Mr. Williams, the drama teacher was sitting on the edge of the stage talking to the students seated in the first row.

Seeing Mr. Scott walk in Mr. Williams hopped down off the stage and made his way to the aisle. "Ah, Mr. Scott.  Good of you to rush right down.  We have a problem."  Mr. Williams was a thin fellow in his mid-30's and of average height.  He always seemed a bit disheveled; his clothes wrinkled and his shirt partially tucked.  His hair never looked combed and the black stubble on his face never seemed to grow into a beard that Mr. Scott could recall.  When he spoke he always seemed to drawl his words out just a bit longer than he should almost as if he was affecting some accent.  Mr. Williams was well liked by his students though he sometimes was too familiar with them which had gotten him in trouble.  He was just not the sort of guy who thought about those sorts of things.  He usually had a heavy course load of Drama and Advanced English and was running drama productions either for the school, the district or for his own production company.  Being a single father, Mr. Scott didn't know how he found the time to sleep.  Perhaps he didn't which would explain his usual state.

"Mr. Scott, we have a problem," Mr. Williams said, "The roof is starting to leak again and I can't replace these sets in time for the show if they get ruined.  We are already at our budget so you need to get the repair people over here to fix it right this time."

Stephen looked up at the ceiling tiles and could see the brown stains of past leaks ranging out like the rings in a tree trunk.  This had been an ongoing problem for years.  Each time, the repair crew from the district had patched it with tar and declared it fixed.  During each major rain storm, a new brown ring to herald the event ended up on the ceiling tile.

"I'll do what I can, Gill, but you know them by now.  Tar patch special.  Still, the board office put money into this show, so hopefully they'll see the value in saving it.  I'll get a call into maintenance and see if they have someone on call."

"Thanks, Stephen, " Mr. Williams said with a smile, "The show is going to be great.  I think Mr. Morris has outdone himself on the script for this one. Now, if you excuse me, I must get these thespians back to the grindstone!"  With a flourish of his hands and an uprising of his voice followed by two quick claps, the students in the front row, hopped from their seats and hopped onto the stage preparing to continue blocking the scene they were working on.

Waving to the students, Stephen turned and walked out of the theatre and returned to his office.   Picking up the phone he began to dial the number for maintenance when a huge crack of lightning flashed and a tremendous clap of thunder erupted.  At the same time the building shook and what sounded like another clap of thunder rang out.  Only this time, it sounded like it was coming from inside the building!

The End

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