Edge of Oblivion

Holocaust is an ending. The world is lost when they pray for genocide, instead of peace.

The exact year is forgotten. A scholar could tell you what day it is. He could tell you what time it is to the millionth of a millisecond. The year matters not. It is in the distant future, and Earth is but a fading memory, slipping from the minds of only the most aged, clinging faintly. Earth was always regarded, or a least it was, as a world of peace, of community and harmony. The horrific tragedies of the past, vowed to never happen again, was reborn through the hands of its crusaders. The men who preached peace brought upon the world a nuclear holocaust of methodical destruction like never seen before. Northern sects called it Ragnarok as nuclear winter ravaged the earth; others called it Rapture. God was striking down the ignorant, for they had not repent on the final hour and were suffering their penance. However, not matter your race, religion or creed, one thing stood tall above all else.

The world was ending.


The End

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