Chapter Eight

I jogged back to Poseidon who was sitting on the sand, just out of the reach of the Sea.

He heard me coming, and turned, smiling warmly, as always. He got up, brushed the sand off of him, and glided to me.

“It’s nice, isn’t it” He exclaimed, looking around the beautiful island with a glint of love in his blue eye.

“Yeah. It really is…Something” I replied. He sighed,

“Time to go back now, though.” He said, and sadness instantly filled me.

“Goodbye,” I whispered, stroking the horse.

“Don’t say goodbye; that’s horse is yours. You’re taking it back.” Poseidon exclaimed. Happiness re entered my body.

“Really?! Where will I keep it?” I asked. He laughed,

“I had a stable made in your back garden.”

“Won’t my Mum ask where I got this horse? What shall I say?”

“She knew everything when you were born. We had to tell her. She also knew that every child/grandchild of me gets a horse. It’s my animal!” He exclaimed. Wow.

The End

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