Chapter Seven

 There stood the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Its beautiful white fur had a glossy sheen to it; its beautiful white mane was, to, glossy. It was also perfectly straight, and then tumbled down in waves at the end. It had a beautiful tail that was so soft, as well as everything else that was on this beautiful horse.

That is yours” Poseidon exclaimed. My blue eyes widened.

“Whu-what?” I exclaimed. How could I ever own something so beautiful? And why would Poseidon just give it to me? There had to be a catch.

“I have many horses like this. I give one to every one of my sons, or my son’s sons, etcetera, etcetera.” He stated. Wow. So I get to keep this creature? I get to take this beauty home? Best day of my life.

 I rode the beautiful horse around the island for hours, non stop. I never wanted to get off of this horse. I smiled the whole time, so my mouth was either gonna stay smiling, or there was gonna be a lot of pain involved to get it off. Maybe even an operation.

 When the time came to get off, I did it begrudgingly.

The End

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