Chapter Six

When we got to wherever we were going to, I was relieved we’d escaped, but sad that I’d have to have left the water. I was definitely going swimming every week from now on.

“Right, now we have to go there” he said, pointing to a place on a transparent blue map made from water.

“Where are we?” I inquired, glancing around the place. It was beautiful; the grass was vibrant green; the trees were nice and bushy; and there were beautiful white horses scattered around the place. I knew we were on an island because there was the sea surrounding the whole place.

“We’re on Poseidon’s Island. Well, my island” He stated with a laugh. My eyes widened,

“There’s no such thing; it’s not on any maps or anything!” I exclaimed. He only laughed harder,

“That’s because we’re not on Earth anymore. Well, we are, but no-one knows about this part of Earth. Only people with an essence of a Greek God can enter these premises, and you can only travel here by your or you father or your father’s father’s, etcetera, powers. We used water, remember?” he explained. My eyes grew even wider- if that was possible-. We were on a Greek God’s Island! I couldn’t believe it.

“Go ahead and look around. You’ll probably like the forest over there,” he said, pointing to a huge clump of trees a few metres away from us. What about the spiders? I had a huge case of arachnophobia.

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘Gasp! Spiders!’ but don’t worry, the only animals or any other beings that are here are you, me and the horses.”

“How did you know I was afraid of Spiders? Is that another God power? Reading minds?”

“No, all children of Poseidon, or children of Poseidon’s children are afraid of Spiders. I never got why.” He said, a thoughtful expression on his face.

I walked into the forest, and gasped at what I saw.

The End

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