Chapter Five



I was hesitant when I walked towards him. He rolled his sea-blue eyes and walked gracefully towards me.

“Look, Drake, you got my son’s letter, didn’t you?” he inquired in a deep, booming voice. I frowned, but nodded.

“Yeah, um, I thought it was a joke, though” I stated. He laughed, nearly shaking the Earth.

“You are the son of a water demi-god; this isn’t any joke. I can promise you that. I also know that you’re probably thinking you’re dreaming right now. You’re not.” He exclaimed seriously.

I exhaled loudly, and a sudden wave of vertigo hit my head like a train, destination, unconsciousness.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but we have to go now.” He said, wary. I frowned,

“Why?” I asked, confused,

“They’re after us” He said simply. His eyes moved from my face to something behind me. I turned my head but my eyes stayed on his face for a moment. When I did look, there were tough looking men in suits with sunglasses. I would’ve mistaken them for Security Guards if it hadn’t frightened Poseidon.

“Okay,” I said. He nodded, and whirled around and was running off before I could say anything. I was too scared to ask where he was going, so I just ran along with him.

He kept looking behind us to see if they were still chasing after us. They were. He narrowed his eyes, and turned to look at me,

“Do you mind swimming? It’ll be faster than this, and we’ll outrun them for sure.” He stated. I was too confused to argue, so I nodded.

He stopped, stood as still as a stone, and closed his eyes in concentration. Suddenly, I heard a whooshing sound coming from just beyond the hill that we were standing on.

My eyes widened when I realised that the entire English Channel was flowing towards us, a big tidal wave that would definitely kill any human.

“A-are you crazy?” I yelled at him, “That’ll kill us!” I exclaimed,

“Not now that you’ve realised your true identity” He murmured. I couldn’t say anything before the water washed over us. But I didn’t feel pain, or anything; I felt good; happy; excited. I loved it. I turned to see Poseidon’s happy face, and he too had the same expression as me.

Still laughing and giggling, we swam on. I couldn’t believe how fast we went; we seemed like bullets in the water.

 I turned and saw through the shroud of the water that the men didn’t know where we were. This was good, and hopefully it lasted.

The End

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