Chapter Three

I woke up in my bed, gasping for air. I looked around me, and realised that I was just sleeping. Relief flowed through me. I wasn’t dead. I stared at my clock, and saw that it was 6:25am. But the weird thing was that it was still the twenty-fifth of March. Again.

“Drake!” my mum called from downstairs. “Time to get up!” I frowned. Hadn’t this happened this morning?

“Uh, I am up, Mum.” I stated, trying to recreate the day.

“Okay, but hurry, you don’t want to be late!” she called.

“I, uh, I’m not doing anything today” I replied.

“But what about school? Are you dropping out?”

“Mum, uh, I don’t have school today. It’s Saturday!”

“So it is! Sorry, Drake, go back to sleep.” Frowning, I turned around, and found a scrap of parchment on my bed. I picked it up and read it,

Dear Drake,

My name is Marley Busch, and I am the son of the water god, Poseidon. That makes me a demi-god. That means that I am the son of a god, but also the son of a normal human being. And you are my son.

You are the son of a demi-god. So, in a way, you’re a demi-demi-god. You’ll gain your water powers when you turn eighteen years old. You should get this letter three days before. But be warned. All demi-gods, and demi-demi-gods, are in grave danger. But only you can save yourself. So be prepared.

Yours faithfully,


The note slipped from my hand. Water demi-demi-gods? Demi-gods? Gods? How did this happen? My life sucks.

The End

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