Edge Of A Cliff

When you find out you're the son of a water demi-god, you'd think you'd be happy. But this wasn't the case for Drake Waters, a demi-god's son. A demi-demi-god, if you will. But what happens when you gain a friendship with the most powerful demi-demi-god you've laid eyes on, and she teaches you how to find and control your powers? What happens when you find out that you're not just a demi-demi-god?



I peered through the trees, shrouded in darkness. I could see her. She sneered evilly at me, ruining my chances of surprise. So I growled and pounced at her. Even though I was moving at the speed of sound, she had time to chuckle and move out of the way. First, she was standing there, her pale face beautiful in the moonlight; her glossy black hair tumbling to her shoulders; her feline quality shaking with laughter; and then she was gone with the wind.

I span round to catch a glimpse of her sneering tauntingly at me through the moonlit trees. No matter how much I hated her; how much I wanted to kill her, her strikingly beautiful face warmed my heart with excitement. Her blue eyes, shrouded in the shadows of her long eye-lashes winked at me, and then they were gone, along with the rest of her body.

I barely had time to look for her before darkness overtook my brain, as if an enormous cloud was covering the moon. A peculiar feeling in my right arm, and I awoke on the floor of the dark forest, hyperventilating and the pain in my arm was unbearable. I wouldn’t call it hot. It hurt because it was too cold. I frowned and looked at my arm. She was crouched over my body, her lips touching my arm.

She looked up at me, and the pain ceased for a moment, but reappeared when she started sucking blood out of my arm. I knew this pain; I remembered it from centuries ago. From when I first became what I am today.

I blinked and the beautiful girl wasn’t there anymore. In her place was a terrifying demon, laughing darkly.

I blinked again, and it was crouched over me, ready to claw my face off, with it long talons inches from my face.

I blinked again, and the frightening monster’s smiling face was inches from mine, about to rip me apart with its long teeth.

I blinked again…

The End

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