chapter 2

Chapter 2


The store is empty butler is out on vacation and I am just sitting on the couch having a pizza and some tea. The day is almost stagnant and not even the store down the street is open. the poster I was watching, instead of a tv I just look at a poster of a tv and it doesn’t do much just sits there and does nothing but It beats just sitting there and staring at nothing. Any way as I’ve told you the day was just boring the only exiting thing was once the pizza man rang the door bell and he gave me the pizza that I have every day. The butler was not even there to teas, yes the day was just…. Boring. I was wallowing in my despair and boredom when the door bell rang. I opened the door and popped my head out so that the only thing showing was my head, and there, standing, right in front of me was the kind lady that couldn’t remember her dream. “come in, come in, don’t just stand there in the cold come in and get some tea.” I said. As she walked in I noticed that she was a bit dirty. She turned around and sat down on the bed. “so what is wrong now?” I asked. Well it is my son. He has been in a coma for some time now.” “and you did not mention this to me last time. Come on lets go.” “already, do you not want to know what happened?” “that can wait come on lets go you drive.” I said. We got in the car and drove to her house. She told me on the way that he was in a car accident and was the only survivor. As we drove into the parkway she finished the story. I got out and took my cane and hat. The house was more like a palace but I skipped everything and went strait to the child’s room. I burst through the door and examined the boy. I caught him just in time. The husband burst through the door and started yelling at me to get out of his house. He started making such a racket that it gave me a headache so I tuned around and showed him my cane. “go to sleep.” I said and the jewel in the cane glowed and he fell on the ground asleep. I turned around and laid down next to him. “Send me to sleep.” I said and the cane glowed again. I hit my head with it as hard as I could. And I fell unconscious.


I was running against the waves towards the massive island that was just 20 feet from us. The waves where so powerful I was losing ground. I waved my cane and I created a ice wall but it was nothing compared to the power of the dream. I waved my hand at a rock turning it into a ten story building. I waved it at another rock turning it into c4 and then I did the same thing to another rock turning it into a remote. I laid the c4 all over the base of the building facing the island then I traveled up the building to the safe room that I made. I activated the remote and the base of the building blew up making the building fall over the waves on to the island making my pathway. I waved my hand and the building disappeared. I landed lightly on the sand and traveled down into the dessert. Further into the dessert there was a shining light, otherwise known as the portal to the r.e.m. stream in which the host gathers his/her energy while in a coma. I jumped in and was surrounded by light. The light was so brilliant that I had to cover my eyes for a while for my eyes to get accustomed. Once they where I looked forward to see the young boy in front of me standing next to an elderly man. “ok son it is time for you to come home.” I said. “no I want to stay with grandpa.” He said back. “listen kid do you know what he is, a figment of your imagination, like Santa, and the Easter bunny, and all of those bad guys along with all of the hero’s that fight said bad guys, ok they are all fake. You know it, I know it, we all know it but you are to stupid to realize that you believing in all of these things will ruin your life. Especially that…. Thing next to you now come with me.” I yelled at him. “NO I DON’T WANT TO!!!” he said. “then you leave me with no other choice but to drag you out of your fantasy land.” I said as I tightened my grip on the handle of my cane. The figure stood in front of the boy now, then he spoke. “if you wish to tear him away from me then I have no alternative but to stop you.” He lifted up his hand and then opened it. I fell to the ground instantly as if the gravity of the area around me was increased. I touched the ground with my hand and it broke like glass beneath me I fell down and landed behind them I thrust my cane out and made contact with the elderly man and he shimmered away. I looked back at the young boy and grabbed him. Next thing I knew I was on the ground and the elderly man was above me with a grin. ”now you know the power experience can bring.” He said. “listen old man it is nice that the boy can see you but now you are killing the very being that created you. Yes him being in a coma is driving him to malnutrition let go of him if you really care for him.” I said to him. He got a confused look on his face. “really?” he asked. “yes don’t you see if he continues on like this he will die very soon but now there is still a slim chance that he can be saved let go of him and I can save him.” I could tell that the dream itself was being torn from the inside like a little war in the kids head of weather he should let him go or let him stay. I took this moment to talk some more. “listen the boy has a family, a mom, dad, sister, and even has a grandma that you loved. Don’t you think that is at least a little bit selfish to keep him all to yourself. Come on let him go, let him live, let him love.” “ok take him let him live” the man said with tears streaming down his face. I got up, grabbed the kid and walked away from the man. The further I got the more color showed itself. Next thing I knew I was awake sitting next to the child. He was crying in his moms arms. I got up and left. Leaving a note. “this session was 600 dollars. Thank you for your business.” I walked down a couple of streets and stopped at the Irish dragon inn. Walked in ordered a parfait. “wait don’t just walk in and steal my seat.” Said a voice behind me. I turned around and saw a young man wearing a green suit with a white under suit and on top of his head was a green and white vertically stripped hat. “listen kid 2 things, 1 I have had a tiring day , 2 I did not see your name on it, and three this is a nice inn and I do not want it trashed.” I said. “hey that is three not 2.” He said. “oh the kid can count good for you now shoo, go to your mommy and have her teach you your math again on those flash cards that you have always used, shoo.” He tried to punch me but I was to quick. I held up my cane and said “go to sleep child.” And he was out. I finished my parfait and went home. Once at home I laid on the bed and went to sleep. I awoke in my bedroom in my bed covered. “come on, now butler will never let me know the end of this.” I said to myself and went back to sleep with a smile on my face.

The End

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