chapter 1

this is the very beginning of my new book Edens dream.

Eden’s dream



Chapter 1

Poor dreams.


Ever since the creation of the big new store across the street my store has felt deserted almost no one comes in now and I feel that my business will go under at this rate. my store is located at 99 leaf street, cherry tree fields. every morning I get up and walk into the kitchen eat another pizza, go out into the back yard take a breather go into the living room and vela I’m at work. Yes my company is in the back of my house the company business is very important to me.

If the company does not prosper I do not prosper and if I do not prosper my life is very hard, and if my life is very hard then I have to find more jobs, once I need more jobs I start to stress, once I start to stress I start having nightmares, once I start having nightmares the collective knowledge or the sub conscious of collective grid work encompassing the city caries my negative feelings across the collective grid work or cgw across the entire city into the minds and dreams of all the residents making them into a collective amount of nightmares that in turn travel to other residents, once that starts happening the cgw starts to get corrupted, once the cgw is corrupted the nightmares begin to get more frequent, once that happens the cgw gets even more corrupted, once that happens to a certain point and the cgw gets so corrupted it overloads, once it overloads the poor dream limiters are overloaded, once the poor dream limiters, or pd limiters are overloaded then those negative feelings course though the main grid, and once the main grid is corrupted Eden’s dream is activated, I really don’t know what that does the last time that Eden’s dream was activated the land of dreamers was sunk.

Any way the business was not going so well but I have quite a bit of money now since the last customer that passed by a few weeks ago paid me a hefty sum but that is quickly going to waist so I need a new customer. I was sitting on the couch in the business hall once butler came to serve me tea, by the way butler is not the name I gave him that is his real name that his parents gave him, and I was staring at the bottom of the tea cup wondering how we would make some money once the door bell rang. I stood up so fast that the tea spilled on the couch. I straitened my tux and went to answer the door. Once I opened the door I looked around but did not see any one I closed the door. 3 seconds the door bell rang again and I turned around again and opened the door as fast as I could. I heard a little “excuse me” it sounded more like the wind blowing through the wood picket fence and rustling the leaves to finally land on the porch. I looked down and there, standing up boldly in a blue princess dress looking so adorable was a 5 year old girl looking up at me with her peaceful jet black hair let go and her big brown eyes shining at me.

“Sorry we are the dream keepers but the nursery is just across the corner by.” I said and tried to close the door as firmly as I could. But the little girl said “um, no I’m here because of a dream.” I looked at butler and he scurried of to make more tea “you coward how dare you desert me on the frontline of battle for me to get slaughtered you know I hate dealing with children.” I turned around with my business smile on. “ok come in, come in, and I shall figure out what you need help with.” I said.

I led her to the bed in the sanctuary, also known as the place that I ask questions and do my trade of business. She laid on it and I sat down on the couch next to it and broke out my hat, monocle, cane, and tea. I sat down in full business attire and asked the first question. “so what could be so ambitious that is in need of the inquiry of me, myself, and I so that aforementioned problem and or blessing is in need of repairing or reproducing so then you can be on you way of happiness or wonder?” She looked at me like I was some kind of moron for asking a complicated question to a five year old girl.

“What do you need of me?” I asked. “Oh well I have been having nightmares in my sleep and they are scaring me.” She said. “oooooh well cant help you there see you good by adieu and have a very marry Christmas in august.” I said as I tried to escort her out of the chair. “but they scare me and I don’t like to go to my mommy’s bed, she hurts me.” She said. I stopped and sat back down. “Ok listen having nightmares are a good thing. They make you remember that you are alive. Every time you wake up you realize that you are here in this world and that you have a lot to live for.” “They do?” she asked with those beautiful brown eyes shining at me. “yes they do so next time you have a nightmare just know that you are alive and that it is all in your head. Now if you had a more important problem like loss of personality or a recurring nightmare that is a problem that I can fix.” I said.

“Oh but I have a dream that happens over and over and over and over and over and…” she said. “Can you describe it to me?” I asked. “yes there is a man that stands on a concrete and I run towards him but I never get closer. Then I look behind me and there are a bunch of peoples chasing me and they get closer and closer.” She said to me as butler entered the room giving her some tea. “ok.. I said. Just drink your tea and lay down.” I said beckoning to butler. “butler go to the monitor and get some money for…. By the way I did not catch your name.” “my name is Carline, Carline Parishvale.” She said. “yes right go get some money for miss Carline.” After a while she finished the tea and laid down.

I finished my tea and pulled up my Cain. “ok listen this cane is very special it was made made out of the last live branch from the last 600 year old cherry tree that feasted on the legendary hot springs of Ireland.” I pulled it up to her face so that the purple jewel in between the handle and the support. “ok I want you to fall asleep now.” The jewel started to glow a dark purple and she fell asleep almost instantly. I pulled up the other bed and fluffed the pillow. “butler I’m taking no visitors and mind the monitors I don’t want another separation like 2 years ago. I ran a fast as I could down the hallway and slid down the carpet ending creating as much static energy as I could possibly hold. I went up to the little girl touched my head to hers and as soon as the electricity passed between us I fell asleep falling on my bed.


I was standing on nothing but that is normal and I was next to the girl, with the man standing on a slab of concrete I looked behind and I could see the crowd behind us running. I waved my cane in there direction and a dream wall rose up blocking there path. She started to run but she did not get any closer. I created a large slab of concrete in front of me and I started to walk to him I reached the human in about 2 minutes. He looked relatively like the girl and I concluded that the man was her father that probably died and that is why the mother abuses the girl. I told the man that his daughter was running after him. He looked behind and he started to run towards her to. They still did not get any closer so I thought that I would help her. I waved my hand and a road materialized between them and they ran and actually got closer until they embraced each other.

Now there was only on thing to deal with. That crowd. I walked to the dream wall that separated us from them and I waved my hand over it and it disappeared. The crowd ran past me and towards the girl. They ran until they got so close that they could touch her then they stopped. I watched as they dissipated and finely disappeared. i figured that that could have been ex,s that she probably hated. I walked over then spoke to her. “are you ready to go?” I asked. She nodded and I grabbed her other hand. “well then lets go.”

My cane shined a bright blue and then we woke up. We both leaned forward and then she cried. I left the room because I’m very bad in these kinds of situations. Butler gave me the money and I gave it to her and then sent her on her way. I looked back at butler and asked “hey don’t make that face it isn’t like I was going to accept pay from a girl that cant even work.” “well I believe that you should at least escort the girl home.” He said. “ok. I said with a mischievous grin. Ok butler please escort the young girl home I’m busy doing absolutely nothing.” He sighed and left the building. About ten minutes the door bell rang and I got it. Once I opened the door it was a 18 year old woman wearing office closes and had her almond hair in a bun. She asked to come in and I let her in. it was odd to have more than one customer a day in the fall so I was taken a bit by surprise. She laid on the bed and I sat down in the most businesslike manor that I could. “Ok what is wrong?” I finally asked. “well I feel like my business is killing me inside.” She said. “Come again? Listen we are dream keepers not psychiatrists, however the loon hole is just across the town and I would be more than pleased to point you in the right direct…” I said before she cut me off.

“no I feel that I am having dreams but never remembering them I want to remember them because if I forget the dream I forget something very important to me.” “well it is very difficult to do this.” “what?” she said. “Well normally I get cases where the person is needing to retrieve something from the dream like a memory or a thought but it is normally once they know the dream to its fullest extent. But you don’t know the dream and you don’t even remember it. And that is dangerous if we go in there I don’t know what could happen and we could even be locked in there. And the only way to get out of a dream like that is to go through the main grid.” I said. “well is there any way you can help me?” she asked. Well there is one thing that I ask of you.” “what is it I do anything.” She said. Well in context to the problem and the risks I am going to need to be paid a hefty sum.” I replied. “oh is that it it’s yours.” She said. “ok I’m going to make some tea just lay down and relax for a bit. after making tea butler got back and immediately came up to me and brought her the tea then came over to me. “so what is the scenario?” he asked. “bad case she doesn’t remember so whe are going to return through the main grid.” I replied. “ok then I will have everything ready.” He said. I walked up to her. “ok look at the cane and go to sleep.” The cane glowed the dark purple and she went to sleep. I loaded myself with the electricity and shocked her and was asleep.


The sky was very red, almost a blood crimson, the clouds where brown, and the ground was covered in ashes and ruins. It was actually quite nostalgic for me in a way. About 50 feet from us the land was green with grass and the sky was blue with white clouds, typical for a forgotten dream. “come on lets go.” I said to her. She nodded and mouthed so some words. “listen being a resident of the dream itself you can not speak but I am an alien force here so I can communicate freely to anyone I also have partial control here. Just watch.” I waved my cane in the direction of some ashes and they turned into butterflies and petals. “But this is a bad place to be so let us go.” I continued. As we walked she started to go into a trance but I hit her with my cane and she snapped out of it instantly.

After clearing the ruins we walked onto a bridge where a man was standing. He held his hand out to her and she took it. The whole place started to distort. I waved the cane in the direction of the dried up river beneath us and the distortion started to stop but it started to begin again. The hosts emotions weren’t stable and I could not make contact to butler. Nuts I did not want to die so soon but I needed this pay. I waved at the distortions and they stopped then I tried to tell the woman that it was time to go. The bridge was starting to break so I turned it into a steal bridge with bi-carbon steal supports like the ones in new york. “that will hold for a while now wha to do with these two people. Hm? Oh I know.”I summoned a bubble around them and it took the color of a giant soccer ball.

I ran and kicked it as hard as I possibly could and it flew. I ran towards it and by the time I reached it the man was walking away from the woman and disappearing. The woman was sitting on the ground and I grabbed her arm and dragged her with me until she got up and ran with me. The world was really starting to distort now it was barely recognizable. I ran to the meadow in front of us. About ten yards up the hill in front of us there was a large lake and in the middle of it was a small island.  And in the middle of the island there was a huge hole. I waved my hand over the lake and it turned to ice. We ran over it and to the huge hole. she stopped at the hole and I stopped behind her. I pushed her down the hole and jumped in after her.


We fell for a long time. Bits of movie reels were flying in the air. We gradually stopped falling and we finely landed. Once we landed I grabbed her face with my hands and held her making her look at me. “Ok listen do not look down I will explain it. We are on one of the branches of yggrasil or the main grid ok now listen we are going to have to climb down to the roots luckily we are relatively close to the roots, now do NOT wander of on one of the other branches of this tree or you will be los forever in someone else’s dream. Now lets go.” “Alright.” She said. We started our decent the roots where already in view. “so are all of these branches belong to someone?” she asked. “Yes these branches is a pathway to someone dreams and every body that ever lived has each and every dream that they ever had woven into the very fabric of the main grid. For instance, I pulled off a piece of bark, this is a dream that is very invaluable see how it is already withering away now this person will never have this dream ever again. Ok we are almost there just a bit further.” Once we got to the ground I pulled out my communicator and spoke into it. “hey butler is the reception good enough here?” “yes sir it is stand by for revival.” A beam of light took us and we woke up.


“so what is the fee of this session?” she asked. “$300.” I said. She handed me the money and left happily. “come back if you have anything else you need.” I shouted to her as the door closed.

The End

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