Losing Another Child

At the end of the day I was exhausted but successful. The three new rebel fighters had been extremely hard to convince especially Wren, but I felt like after talking to them I understood them a little better. My family was distressed. For the past few days I had a very uneven schedule, and none of them had any idea what I was doing, so when I got home that night Mama was not too pleased. "Where have you been little bird!" she cried throwing off my scarves and sniffing the air around me suspiciously. "I smell whiskey! Have you been drinking?" she said gawking at me. "Holden come down here! Your daughter has been drinking something fowl!" she sceamed and Papa stomped down the stairs. "My little bird did what?" he yelled and I huddled against Mama who quickly brushed me away. "I'm not sure Holden, but she reeks of alcohol." Mama whispered. "Will you just let me talk!" I said and they both looked at me tiredly. "Yes Katlynn. I can't think of any possible way you can talk your way around this." Papa said. "I'm sorry Papa. I promise I wasn't drinking. I guess I have a lot to explain." I said and Mama nodded. "You sure do little bird." she said. I told them everything. I told them about the rebels, the letters, Taylor, and Bec. I told them about Claudius and the tavern and how I wanted to join their army, but for Jenna's sake I didn't tell them about who I found in the tavern. "Katlynn you can't leave Eden to join this army of children!" Papa shouted angrily while Mama cried. "This is about Kyle isn't it!" Mama wailed and I almost screamed. "No!" I shouted, "I will do this! I'm not going to sit back and do nothing!" "Dammit that's exactly what you'll be doing Katlynn. I'm not losing another child!" Papa boomed. "I don't care if I have your consent! I'm leaving!" I said storming up the stairs and into my room. I could hear Mama sobbing as I shoved some clothes and food in a bag. I took a small bag of things to remember my family by and sprinted out the door.

The End

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