Tavern Secrets

When I finally went home I was immediately confronted by Caroline. "Where were you Kat? I had to do all of your chores for you!" she whined. Papa must not have told the kids about Bec. "I was on a trip. I um went to  Tarahail to buy a few things." I said. "I know you're lying." she said, "But if you won't tell me, I guess I probably don't want to know." "Sorry sweetie!" I said a rushed up to Papa's room. Then I thought better of it. Did I really want to get him involved? No! So did that mean I was giving up on the rebels? I couldn't make up my mind! I didn't want to harm anyone in my village, but I also didn't want to desert this group of kids that I had routed for my entire life. Then I thought about Serena and her army with Kyle my dear brother, forced to fight by her side. Maybe this could work! Maybe if everyone came together to overthrow the Queen I could get Kyle back! That was when I decided that I was not going to desert these vengeful children, I was going to into battle with them.
When I woke up the next morning I had a plan. I went downstairs to eat breakfast then I quickly walked over to the village walls to where Claudius was sitting. "What do you want?" he barked and I almost laughed. He was a very good actor! "I know Bec is alive!" I hissed and he nodded smiling a little. "Okay Katlynn let's go to the tavern so it can be a little more private." he said gruffly. I had never actually been to a tavern so when I arrived I was not too impressed. There was a bar where odd looking people were serving all kinds of alcoholic beverages. Everything had a husky scent and there was a mist of fog spread throughout so it was hard to see anything specific. There was a tall lanky man with an eye-patch, a women whose hair almost completely covered her face and a girl who's hands were covered by her long drooping shirt sleeves. "Now what is it you want?" he asked and I snapped my attention back to him. "I want to know a list of people who support the rebels. You must know at least a few, or maybe someone I can ask." I whispered hoping that this was indeed a private place to speak. "You've come to the right person!" he chuckled. "Many of them are right here!" "What do you mean?" I inquired. What could he be talking about? "This is a hideout for the imperfect! That man with the eye-patch had his eye gouged out in battle. He would have been executed but Rufus was soft hearted and let him go. That lady with the long sleeves lost her left arm to a factory machine when she was  thirteen. Before anyone discovered she ran away from home. The other woman with long hair has one blue eye and one black one. Her parents shipped her to me many years ago begging that I spare her life. So one way or another they all made their way here. No one ever bothers them, they're usually to drunk or upset to notice anyway!" he said. I took a deep breath trying to take it all in. This was what I had been waiting for. "Well I'll let you talk to them." Claudius said and I nodded wondering how hard it would be convincing these people to help me. "Hello." I said smiling cautiously to the woman with long hair. "Hi." she mumbled shaking her head so that her long bleached white hair covered even more of her face. "It's okay. I know what you are!" I said "No no no." she cried, "Not here not now not ever again!" "What do you mean? I'm not here to hurt you." I said "Of course you aren't!" she muttered, "Just like Serena's men weren't going to kill me when they dragged me out of my home." "Claudius told me about you. Please just listen to me!" I whispered frantically. Why was she so paranoid? "Fine." she said pulling me behind the counter and into a back room. "What do you want?" she asked and I paused for a second. What exactly did I want? "I want you to help me. Actually I want you to help the rebel band. I'm trying round up a group of fighters to help eventually
de-thrown Serena. I know it's almost impossible, but maybe if everyone just tries we might be able to do something." I said realizing that I was beginning to babble. "Okay, I'm in." she said and I sighed in relief, "By the way my name is Jenna. She's Wren, and he's Elijah. Good luck."

The End

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