Pile of Ashes

I knew the bliss wouldn't last so I made the best of it by laughing with my family and friends. Then a few days later a letter arrived. Instead of the usual delivery there was a knock at the door and a girl entered. She claimed her name was Bec and that she was a messenger for the rebels. I had no reason not to believe her so I opened the letter. In it Taylor said to be very careful, and that Serena had a new batch of trained spies trying to follow the mail carrier so they had paid Bec to help them. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door and in burst one of the town guards Claudius. "Do you know this girl?" he boomed. "No!" I exclaimed. He nodded and then tied some twine around her hands. "Claudius!" I said "What are you doing?" "This girl is being arrested for having secret communications with enemies of Queen Serena." he said gruffly, and tears clouded my eyes. "I'm so sorry!" I shrieked as she was dragged away. I ran up to Papa's workshop screaming for him to help me, so we both sprinted towards the town center. In the park there was a large pile of wood."Today a terrible crime was made by this girl and she has been sentenced to death by fire." shouted Claudius, his voice sounding hollow and dead. He wrapped Bec in a cranberry, red, velvet cloth. Then after a few more speeches and many more cries of anguish from me, they tossed her in her velvet shroud into the flames. I cried for hours until I saw a girl about five and a half feet tall sprinting past the guards. I must have been having hallucinations due to my depression over Bec's probable death, but I was quite sure that it was her! I could only imagine what would happen if I was the cause of the death of thousands of people.

I sank to my knees wailing as I looked at the pile of ashes. It was all my fault. If I had told Claudius that Bec was my sister she might still be alive! Or our whole family would be dead. I dug my fingernails into the dirt and beat the ground until my curled fists got numb from the pain. I had killed an innocent girl! Eventually I fell asleep. Even sorrow could not pry my sleepy eyes open that night. When I woke up I felt oddly comfortable. I was curled into a pile of pillows and thick blue blankets, and I could smell the musty scent of cinnamon and honey. "Good morning love!" said a warm gentle voice. "Jay!" I murmured happily. Then I frowned. "I killed her!" I said beginning to sob again. "Come with me." he said, but I didn't want to move. I never wanted to get out of bed again. After I solemnly refused several times he swooped me up blankets and all and headed towards the spice cellar. "Jay what are you doing?" I squeaked; the spice cellar was completely dark and was the home to many ugly spiders. "I want you to meet someone." he said quietly, "Bec, come on out!" I gasped unable to breathe for several long seconds. "But-y-you-were...d-d-dead!" I stuttered. "We rebels are not as weak as you think! Besides Claudius is a good friend of ours! You didn't really think he was going to kill me did you?" she said grinning. "Yes I did! He threw you in a fire!" I shrieked. "Be quiet!" Bec exclaimed "Do you want them to find me again? Claudius just threw in a cloth with some wood inside! I guess Taylor didn't tell you everything. You're not the only citizen of Eden that is on our side! Mrs. Hemren, Claudius, you, Rufus, and...uh never mind, anyway they all help us!" " Jay Hemren did you know that your mother was part of this?" I exclaimed my eyes nearly exploding out of my head. "No! I swear I didn't!" Jay protested. "What now?" I said shivering, all these surprises were giving me a headache! "Well you have a choice. Stay here and do nothing, or gather a group of fighters from this village and help us!" she said matter-of-factly. I sucked in my breath. "Tell you what. I'll give you three days to think about it. But when I come back you're either with us or not!" she said and I nodded numbly. Bec headed up the stairs and we heard the back door slam. Jay held me tightly in his arms and I felt as if I might fall into insanity if he let me go. "What are we going to do Jay!" I said shakily. "For once I don't know Kat, I don't know." he murmured. "Not knowing is what scares me the most."

The End

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