Birthday Wishes

Jay is my wing man, my best friend, and the love of my life! He is the one person I can spill my secrets to and trust to keep them. "Hey Kat!" he said walking towards my with open arms. I fell willingly onto his broad firm chest and he rubbed my back comfortingly. "What's the matter? I can see trouble in your eyes!" he murmured. "The rebel band - they want to attack! At the end of this month! You know they can't do it Jay! It's suicide!" I cried burying my face in his white flannel shirt. It smelled like Jay, smokey with a tinge of cinnamon from his mother's famous little bakery. It relaxed me a little just to know that at least Jay would always be safe. He would be and always was absolutely perfect. "I also know that there is not much that you could do to prevent it. This has been their main goal since they were able to think!" he said smoothing my hair with his large hands. "Jay I'm scared! I don't want them to die! We've become friends and even though I live in Eden I'm still a part of them. It will be on my conscious that they die!" I said trembling slightly at the thought. There was no possible way to defeat Serena. I blamed myself for not tellinng them. I had always encouraged them to fight for their goals and that Serena was no match for them! Now my white lies could be killing hundreds of innocent children! "Oh Jay what am I going to do?" I cried. "We'll find a way for these kids not to die! Together we'll have a plan. Trust me Kat!"

The next day I woke up feeling like I had a dozen eyes boring holes into my back. I yawned and stretched before I realize that there were five people hovering around my bed. "Hey guys. What are you doing?" I said groggily looking outside at the warm yellow sunshine. Caroline my ten year old sister had a on a grin so wide it looked like she might split and the five year old twins Davey and Daniel were choking trying to hold back giggles. Mama and Papa smiled. "Good morning sunshine!" said Jay as he entered the room. I immediately threw a pillow in his direction. "Jay I'm not dressed yet! I'm wearing a nightgown!" I protested. "It's not like I've never seen you in a nightgown before!" he smirked resulting in a glare from Papa and a blush from me. I had once or twice 'accidentally' slept over a Jay's house. "Do you remember what happened fifteen years ago today?" Papa said smiling. Oh yes! Today was when thousands of children were torn from their families and murdered. "Papa why are you smiling?" I asked in horror "The death of innocent children is a thing to remember solemnly not smile about!" I said. "It's your birthday silly!" Caroline bust out. "Happy birthday Katlynn!" they all said in unison. Oh that was right. The same day that I was born, thousands of people died. How lovely! "Come downstairs!" said Papa, "We have a surprise for you!"

"Thank you!" I whispered to Jay, "I needed a distraction!" "Don't thank me yet! You haven't even looked at your present!" he said smiling "Come downstairs quick quick quick!" Davey cooed. "Quick quick quick!" Daniel echoed. Caroline started dragging me down the stairs. "Okay okay!" I said. "Close your eyes." said Jay holding my hands, "And walk towards me." I followed his voice until he told me to stop. "Now open your eyes!" Papa said. I opened my eyes slowly and let out a shriek of excitement, "Mama, Papa! How did you know?-" then I looked at Jay. "I love you Jay!" I said twirling into his arms and kissing him. "Hey! Not so friendly!" Papa said and I quickly broke the kiss. "My very own piano! Thank you so much everyone!" I said sitting abruptly in the small piano bench and playing a few scales. The sound was clear and beautiful, like the birds at the park in the summer and spring. "It's perfect!" I breathed and everyone smiled. "Come my children! Mrs. Hemren made her famous cinnamon pies!" and we all rushed into the kitchen laughing joyfully. The happiness couldn't last long.

The End

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