In a dystopian world where perfection is the law, Katlynn finds out about a secret rebellion and is forced to make choices that will change her fate.

Once upon a time there were no complications, no threats to my life. I was free to do as I chose. Everyone was happy with their own free will. That was a long time ago! Now  evil lurks around every corner! Eden used to be the safest, happiest realm in EverAfter now it is the most horrifying! This drastic change occured about 17 years ago when princess Serena De Kela was crowned queen. The rumor was that she had killed her own mother to assume the position! Serena had issues. She was unable to tolerate anyone imperfect. So over the years she slowly eliminated all threats of ugly genes, but she still wasn't satisfied. Now anyone with even a small blemish was killed. Even babies! On her second year after being queen she  enforced a mass murder of babies and children, drowning, cutting, burning, hanging, and stabbing, but what she didn't know was that not all of the babies drowned! Some of them eventually washed up on the banks of the Jenir River in Kalaskar, not too far from Eden!

My name is Katlynn. I have been living in Eden all of my life! I was not one of those children. I was a perfect baby and I am a perfect 15 year old. I however, am still in danger more than anyone in my village. When those children grew up they formed a rebel band. As soon as they were able to learn they wrote a letter to their village, which is also my village, and by lucky chance it wound up at my front doorstep! I have been communicating with them for five years now, telling them the conditions of Eden and all of the latest murders and killings. Each time they write they seem to have grown in numbers and anger. The one who usually writes the letters is Taylor. She tells me that they are planning to eventually de-thrown Serena! I am scared for these poor rebel children. They do not know how powerful Serena is! At the young age of fourteen my brother Kyle was recruited as one of her warriors four years ago and he has not spoken to me since. Some people in the village say that she bewitches her warriors. Mama does not believe anything the village women say, so I guess Kyle is safe. Today I received a letter from Taylor saying that they planned to attack within a month. I was terrified so I went to the one person that could make me feel better after the ghastly news. Jay.

The End

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