Eddie and Jasmin

It's about a girl who really liked this boy called Eddie and she fell in love with him then something extrodinary happened.

It was a summer morning and Jasmin was at her new secondary school. She was in her tutour group just about to sign in and something caught her eye. It was a boy called Eddie he was absoloutely gorgoues, when he said hi to her she nearly fainted but she didn't want to look stupid around him so she said hi back and then she sat down at her table. He sat infront of her and until that moment the only  thing she could think about was Eddie. She was even wondering how she was going to have her hair for the next time she saw him,which was a bit weird but she felt that every time she saw him she had to please him. After that they had to go to class he wasn't in any of  her classes which was a relief but a shame as well. Then some called  Wendy said to her,your not who you think you are,your beautiful,elegant and worth a wonderful boyfriend. If he see's that then he will love you the way you love him and he will trust you the way you trust him,he will admire you the way you admire him that's called true love.

The next day i saw him and my friend asked him out for me,he said he will think about it but then he said no. I was heartbroken but not for long, although he said no he was still asking about me saying, what did she say when i said no?,  is she upset?, is she crying?. I thought he was so sweet when i heard him say that to my friends. I still want him to know that now i love him and nothing he does, say's or even feels can change that. I love you Eddie for eternity.

The End

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