Economy of Motion

This is something I used to find many years ago in the rpg chat rooms. It seemed no matter how well you'd write your 'attack' the opponent would avoid it.
I'd hope to see a few short scenes in which two combatants manage to avoid each other completely. Logically where talking ninja's but please. No powers. I assure you there is enough power in hind site and the natural ability for the human body ability to inflict pain and damage that we don't need shadow clones or lazer beam eyes. Of course 3

** Incomplete

Ronin. It was a name given to those that had no honour, even Ninja had masters.Tiate was ashamed he had not taken his own life however there was much that had to be done. Still, without honour what was the point. Lost in an alien world. Seeking the redemption of a foreign god. What was the point.

  "I can hear you." Tiate didn't turn, rather he continued to look out to see, striking a pose against the clear blue sky. "I could smell you a mile off, perhaps you should approach from downwind next time." This brought a faint flicker of a smile to his face. Of course the wind was coming from seaward, the cliff would prevent any stealth attack from that direction.

  "You think I would attempt to ambush you Ronin." It was an insult that Tiate had become used to. "My honour demands more of me, it is you we should fear for your treachery.

The End

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