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Sorin woke up on a cold metal slab of a body bank. Waking up wasn't the best of term, he hadn't fallen asleep. Spontaneously gaining consciousness was more like it. The place smelled like bleach and ammonia.  He felt heavy like a rock, it was always the case when he resleeved. The body bank technician busied himself around the slab, not paying much attention to him. 

His mesh inserts popped back to life, several display screen appearing in augmented reality before his eyes, displaying diagnosis routines and local information. 

[Welcome back, Sorin. It has been two hours and thirty-nine minutes since we left Titan.] His muse Pegasus declared to him, transmitting the information strait to his brain. [We are currently in Olympus' body bank.]

The technician came over and passed a flashlight in his eyes, making him look away.

"Get that away from me." Sorin growled, his voice rough and dry. 

"Consciousness confirmed." The technician declared before going back to his 

Pulling himself out of the lethargic stupor, Sorin sat down on the slab, inspecting the new morph he's been put in. He was stark naked, like always when he resleeved, the body was female, Furies always were, the first time he'd worn one, it had felt strange, but he'd long since gotten used to changing sex. He raised his ankylosed hand, balling the fingers weakly into a fist. The knuckles were heavily worn and calloused, the previous owners hadn't sleeved into a combat morph just for the look.

Am I the only one here? He wondered mentally.

[No, two of your team members are also here ScrapGrrl and Haze are currently resleeving. Millie is waiting for you at the reception. Fixer is currently in transit and will be there within the hour.]

What the hell is my daughter doing here?

[She has also been activated.]

Sorin repressed a groan, he hated when Proxies called her without asking him. He dropped down the few inches that separated his feet from the ground and struggled for a moment to remain stable. The gravity was twice stronger than he was used to. He waited a moment to adjust and took a few steps satisfied by his balance. His new body was getting progressively less numb.

"Everything seems in order." The technician chimed in. "You should be ready to go."

Sorin walked to the mirror, it was always a new, shocking experience, whenever he changed morph, it looked similar to all the furies he'd gotten to wear over the year, slender but muscular with a solid bone structure. There was a long snake that wrapped around his torso before coiling around his left arm, the shoulder contained triads markings.

He opened the locker next to it and Put on the clothes, some underwear, a smart fabric jumpsuit and some shoes. It wasn't anything pretty, but he wasn't going to have the chance to go bar diving anyway.

Once dressed, he walked out the door, following the entoptic displays toward the lobby. Although she wasn't in her usual body, he quickly found Millie by her Mesh signature. The girl was sleeved into a Synth, the robotic shell was gray colored, a more or less human faces on it's shoulder.

"Hey, Dad!" She said, coming forward and hugging Sorin. "Or do I need to say Mom now?" She joked.

[Millie, what are you doing here?] He asked her via the mesh.

[Working, duh.] She answered in the same way.

[That's not what I'm asking, Millicent. You know I don't want you getting involved in this.]

[Gee, relax. It's not my first time getting involved in this.]

[Casing a Casino and scouring the containment zone are not the same thing. You're way to young.]

"But Haze is half my age! I don't see you complaining about it." She blurbed out, vocally this time.

"Maybe, but I'm an old seven years old." Haze said, coming into the room in a Ghost morph, his skin was covered in small lines that changed color, reflecting his mood, remnant of the chameleon trait that had been incorporated in the morph's dermal structure. One would have never been able to tell that he had been born as a Raven uplift. 

"Are these two bickering again?" The fourth member of the team asked. The team's tech specialist had been sleeved in a standard Ruster, morph adapted to the life in the martian outback. "And hello, by the way."

[I am not letting a fourteen years old girl into the TQZ.] Sorin explained. [Especially not my own daughter.]

[Oh please, what's the worse that can happen? I'll get resleeved and miss a few days of memory.] His daughter answered. 

[Or get forcefully uploaded, or infected by an exsurgent virus strain. TQZ is not a walk in the park, it's a warzone.] 

[These are the times I wish we had a reaper on the team.] Scrapgrrl said. 

[We're going to find something, Scrap, not level the place.] Haze answered her.

[Are you guys arguing on the team's tactnet again?] A fifth voice came. [I've just entered the city, I'm coming to pick you up. Wait, was that Pigtails?]

Silently, Millie thanked fixer for stopping the argument but she couldn't help but feel annoyed by that nickname. It had sort of stuck, becoming her firewall operation name.

[Hello, Fix...] She grumbled over the mesh.

[Glad to see you're on board, I'll be there in a few minutes with the gears. Don't start a fight, alright?]

The End

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