Prologue-A Stormy Childhood.Mature

I never know what to say on these things. I am me. A woman in her twenties who loves to sing, write, read, draw, netflix and chill.
I'm a huge fan of goth/alt/rave/ subcultures, the fashion and music that goes with them and any and all fantasy/scifi/supernatural/mystery genres. I'm here because I have a vivid imagination and there are stories in my head that i want to get out and share with the world.

To the intrepid reader; I hope you enjoy my work and that it brings you into the

“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”- Rainer Maria Rilke.


Prologue-A Stormy Childhood.


Terror. Pure unadulterated terror, the type of fear that only a child could feel. It was raining, and my twin sister Nadia and I were being drenched. She had curled up into a shivering dark haired ball in the corner of the small tree house our mother had brought us to. It was storming the mother of all storms and the vampires had come for us.

They had come to wreak their vengeance on my family.  We had killed one of theirs you see, and in a town owned by Vampires, that didn’t pass without retaliation.  My father was a Slayer, a soldier in a small group of trained people that hunted and killed those that walked the night. It was a dangerous profession and not conducive to raising a family. But he dragged us with him, and he was always teaching us to fight.  He had wanted me and my six sisters to carry on for him after he died. We simply did as we were told. We were good daughters.

My five-year-old frame shook as a roar of thunder crashed near our little hide out. I had crouched by the ladder and was watching. Either my mother and father would walk out of those doors, or the vampires would. I looked around the backyard as a blast of garish lightning rent the air and lit up my surroundings. I had to muffle my twin sister’s screams. The dead body of our mother and three of my sisters lay strewn across the backyard, illuminated in gruesome detail whenever the lightning cut across the landscape. Out of the two of us, I had always been the more aggressive and assertive. I was the strong one. I never wavered. It had fallen to me to protect and to fight.  She was shy and quiet, more of a bookworm than anything else. I cried silently for the deaths of those I loved. It was for others to mourn what was passed. I t was for me to help Nadia survive. But we were just children of five years old. We needed the help of someone who could actually protect us against the vampires.

 It was then that I heard my father scream, and fall completely silent. The storm got worse, but all was quiet from within the house.  I led Nadia back to her corner, and covered her with blankets, whispering to her to stay put until I came for her.

Taking a deep breath, I climbed down the ladder and walked into the place that was no longer my home. I sank to my knees at the pure carnage.  There was blood everywhere and nothing of my father or remaining sisters was to be seen. I did not cry, even then, at five, I knew how to hide my emotions from myself. I simply stared, unable to look away. Then, I felt the cold air, that, even as young as I was, I knew signaled the arrival of a vampire. I turned around slowly, going into a crouch; balancing on the balls of my feet. I had Nadia to think of after all. 

“Leave us alone!!!!” I yelled.

 He was not one of the town Vampires. He was different. Older, more powerful, a lot more dangerous than the others had been. And they had been dangerous enough. I was glaring at him, hoping against hope he wouldn’t kill me. I wouldn’t stand a chance.  He looked around, and then at me.

“You’re family?                                   

“You would know wouldn’t you?” He seemed surprised.

“Who did this child?’

“The town Vampires. My father was a slayer. He killed their master. We didn’t move fast enough. Have you come to finish their work?” He narrowed his eyes at me.

“You are not a normal child.”

 “No. Are you here to kill us or not?”  He growled. Then seemed to mutter to himself.

“They have grown too careless.” Then he looked at me.

“Gather your sister. I shall escort you to the orphanage.” I walked closer and stared into his eyes. I wanted to remember. It was what I had been taught. They were black. They were completely black with no whites.

The End

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