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                We made our move just before dark. Some of us moved in first as mice, others as different birds. The guards weren’t expecting an attack of any kind on their headquarters, so when we dispatched the outer guards, no alarms were raised. I led the infiltration to open the main gate, slipping in as a white rat; I found the gate control room and quickly killed them with my bare hands. Opening the main gate, Vivian led the rest of the Shifters through. I shifted to my bear form and tore through any hunter that stood between me and her.

                A hunter stepped around a corner with his gun raised, I shifted to cat and closed the distance in a second; jumping as a cat, I landed on his chest as a bear. I crushed him under my bulk, stepping on his throat to make sure he was dead.

                I found the main barracks, the men inside were sleeping. Slipping inside, I shifted to my bear form and started killing them mercilessly. So many times had they done this to the resistance; moving in silently and killing without prejudice. After killing about five or six, they started waking up and screaming; there was only one door in and out of the room, and I was blocking their escape. They started to huddle at the back of the room, no weapons on them. A few brave ones broke bars off their beds and charged me; without ever feeling a blow, I cut them all down with my claws. Feeling like having some fun with this, I shifted into a longhorn bull and charged. Their bodies were pulverized under my hooves and their gore coated my horns. Shifting back to my human form, I left the barracks satisfied with the carnage I had caused.

                After several minutes of killing and maiming, I was deep inside the compound. I hadn’t yet located Echo, although I had stumbled upon a lone cell with gouges deep into the floor. This screamed Echo, it even smelled like her in the room. Leaving the room, I knew I was close.

                Walking down a hall, Dominic caught up with me, “No luck locating her?” I asked this like a question but if he was here I already knew my answer.

                “Not yet, although I did capture the second in command, James Cassidy; he’s a renowned hunter and one of the founding members of the organization,” Dominic almost sounded proud of this hunter.

                “You haven’t gone back to your old ways, have you?” he shook his head. “Good, cause I would hate to upset Echo because I told her I had to take your head.” This was no time to be joking. “What did you get from him, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here talking to me unless you had information.”

                “I do, we made a deal. In exchange for his life, he told us what he knew about the Silver Shifter. You’re actually heading in the right direction.”

                “Then why are you here?” I cut him off.

                “I thought I would let you know, the Vampire Hunter has her.” This brought me to a stop.

                “Who is this?” I was puzzled.

                “It’s only a description really. He is pale, with long black hair; not to mention he is always cold when someone touches him. But most importantly, he is dangerous. He’s fast, stronger than he looks, and always has some silver on him: needles, knives, and a set of sharp silver fang caps.” I raised my eyebrow at this last item. “Yeah, this is also how he managed to get his name. He is known to kill shifters by biting into their jugular and drinking their blood as they die in his arms.”

                Walking even faster towards where I was heading. “I’ll deal with the vampire, you get her out of there.” Dominic led me straight to the room where she was being held. “No heroics from you, get her and get out. Do you understand me?” Dominic nodded, “Good.”

                Turning to the door I kicked it in. Taking in the room, it looked like something out of a Dracula movie, and there laid a naked Echo; being touched by the Devil himself. Rage took over, closing the distance I roared, “Get away from her!” back handing him so hard, he flew across the room and crashed into a desk. I trusted Dominic to get her out of here, which he did cause when I looked he had her wrapped up in his arms heading out of the room.

                “You took my pet away from me.” The man almost seemed hurt that I had saved her. “I don’t like I it when my things are taken away from me.” He got up and brushed himself off, smiling, he exposed his teeth, silver fangs shone brightly in the firelight. “Now, now, now, I could let you shift, and this could be over in moment, but where is the fun in that?” I watched him flick his wrist twice, next thing I knew I had a long silver needle sticking out of my arm. Touching it, it broke off under the skin, prohibiting me from shifting.

                Laughing, “This will be more fun, your right.” He drew out two silver knives and stuck them into wood of the dresser. “Let’s see if you are really as good as you claim to be.” Taunting him with a bring it motion, I brought my hands up. He jumped onto the bed and then towards me with a flying punch, I ducked and caught him in the ribs with a powerful upper cut, breaking at least one rib. He landed on his feet and looked at me.

                “That tickled.” He came at me with lightening quick strikes, managing to block and dodge about half of his strikes. I felt the hits he landed, Dominic was right that he was stronger than he looked. The vampire hunter cocked back for a right hook, bringing up my arm, I blocked it and caught his right arm in my grasp. This brought my right arm close to his face, and he sank those silver fangs just below my elbow. Gasping I snapped his ulna and radius in half, he let go in a scream. Using this to my advantage I swung him around and broke his upper arm at the ball.

                He brought his knee up into my diaphragm, knocking the air out of my lungs. With his good arm he went for one of his knives. He grabbed one and threw it; the knife sank to the handle in my thigh, missing my femur by an inch. I pulled it out, “I’m going to cut your arms off now.”

                “Your blood tastes so good. Now I will go get back my pet and drink her blood as well.”

                “You are so messed up. You aren’t Dracula.” He lunged feebly; side stepping, I brought my boot down into his knee, tearing it apart, he fell. I grabbed his already broken arm and pulled it out as I brought the knife and cut clean through. He continued to fall as I held his arm in my hand.

                “My arm,” he screamed. I stepped forward before he could do anything and removed his other arm.

                “I told you I would cut off your arms.” Without wasting another second I brought the knife across his throat. “You shouldn’t have taken her away from me.” Reaching into his mouth, I pulled the silver fangs out and pocketed them as a trophy.

                Leaving the sadistic hunter in his blood, I strode out of the room and towards where I knew Dominic and Vivian had Echo. Striding in the room, Echo was huddled into a corner with her brother comforting her. “Who’s this now?” a hunter handcuffed to an office chair demanded.

                “James Cassidy?” he nodded. I tossed the teeth into his lap. His eyes went wide. “Are you the one responsible for taking her away from me?”

                “How did you?” shock was evident in his voice.

                “Did you take her away from me?” he nodded. I kicked the chair into the other side of the room out of Echo’s sight. Walking up to him I whispered in his ear, “Your first mistake was forming this organization. Your second was taking her away from me.” With that I broke his neck.

                “BEAR. What did you do that for? He was our bargaining chip.” Vivian was furious and on her feet. “We could have traded him for more of our kind.”

                “Oops,” I was now satisfied. “I guess we get them back the old fashioned way then. Now if you’ll excuse me.” I walked over to Echo and scooped her up in my arms and walked out of the compound.

The End

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