24. Escape from the Devil's DenMature

His private rooms looked like they were straight out of a bad vampire movie, all black lace and Gothic, a black onyx chandelier hanging from the ceiling and Gothic candle holders scattered through out the room. Even an old black marble fire place in the bedroom. The king size bed dominated the room, with black satin blankets and sheets. Blood red roses stood on the night stand on either side in crystal vases that reflected the candle light in many deep red shards.

He kept me chained in a corner next to the bed, a silver car connected to the wall with a single chain. My wrists and ankles were free, but I only had so much leash. Something that resembled a dog bed was were I was to sleep, the fabric a soft black fleece. It was comfortable, I admit it, more so than my cage. But here there was no Cyrus, no news of the resistance. No news of Bear. I was cut off. Literally alone.

Most of the day I spent alone, he only came in at night most of the time. But when he did, he always greeted me the same way, setting a dish in front of me, patting my head like I was a dog, stroking my hair, calling me his star. I always spat insults and called him horrible names, treating him the same way I had treated all of the guards

There was one thing about this entire situation that really made it better. I was allowed to shower every day, a female house keeper let me into the bathroom every morning to let me clean up. He wanted me clean apparently.

He hadn't made a move towards me sexually yet, but I knew it was coming. Every touch longer, his voice just a bit softer, sweeter. He wanted me and I knew it. I was just waiting for the day.

And it came all too soon.

One day the house keeper came in, but not alone like normal, but three women, one of them carrying a tranquilizer.

They chained me to the bed, my arms above my head. They had taken me out of my usual prison clothes of  of a tee-shirt and shorts and into a frilly white lacy corset that was laced up and tied like a halter top around my neck, the bow wrapping around to rest just below my chin and a pair of tiny, matching panties with ribbons on my hips that barely covered my skin. My silver hair had been fanned out around me, a few strands laid artfully over my chest. They had done this before him, they knew what he liked.

I felt exposed  and vulnerable, the outfit barely covering me, But of course, that was the point, wasn't it?

So I waited for him, a defiant fire building in me. I wouldn't allow him to take me. I would not loose my virginity to some whack job Hunter.

Three hours I waited, cold and angry. When he finally opened that bedroom door, I was ready to fight, and he knew it.

"Don't you look just lovely..." His voice was back to being as slick as oil, it made my skin crawl. His dark, hungry eyes looked me over, like he was undressing me with his gaze. It unnerved me.

He moved to my side, unbuttoning his shirt as he did, a smooth smile on his face. "I've been looking forward to this moment for days now..." He whispered, slipping the shirt from his shoulders.

Reaching out, he pulled the ribbon around my neck, the bow sliding loose. Slowly, he pulled it away, unlacing the corset bit by bit, his hands and mouth gliding over my bare skin, making me sick. All too soon I was bare to him, shaking with fear and anger. I couldn't fight him.  I was helpless.

Please... somebody please stop this.... I felt the tears roll down my face as he finished undressing, his cold hands touching me in places I had never been touched.

I was going to be sick, this wasn't fair...


He head shot around as the door was kicked in, a great white form bursting into the dark room.

Get away from her!  He roared, throwing the man across the room, his rage so great it shook the walls.


My head snapped to my brother as he fumbled with the keys. "Don't worry, we'll get you out of here..."

Tears welled up in my eyes. "Dominic..."

"No time, come on!" he wrapped me up in a blanket, carrying me through the halls, leaving the sounds of Bear's ferocity behind.

So many Shifters dominated the halls, Hunters lay broken and bleeding, most begging for their lives.

Every turn we took seemed to get more and more violent, Hunters torn in half, headless, missing an arm or a leg. But the carnage wasn't just one sided. There were Shifters with bullets to the head, knives sticking out of sides, throats slashed. Blood and gore everywhere.

I buried my face in Dominic's shoulder, just wanting to get out.

"This way!" A familiar voice called out above the destruction. Cyrus.

I looked up to see his golden hair and familiar face as he waved at us to follow. "Come one! Let's go!"

My brother jogged after him, weaving between the bodies with ease until fresh air suddenly assaulted my senses. I was free.

The End

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