23. Change of plansMature

I tried to keep my excitement contained when the guards came for me in the morning.

I paced my cell, snarling and snapping, my striped silver fur brushed out, my claws splintering the floor. They raised those dart guns of theirs, the thin slivers of silver sticking themselves deep into my skin, forcing me back into human form.

Cornering me, they grabbed me, forcing the collar around my throat, wrapping chains around my wrists. They were more violent than normal today, purposely making me bleed. These two were different men from my usual guards. They were bigger, more ape like with rough, harsh hands and forceful ways.

They took me down a different way, to a different room, a smaller one that was dark and cold, the window covered and most of the lights burnt out or off.

And a different man stood waiting for me, his black eyes like empty pits, cold and foreboding. He was tall and think, towering over me by at least two feet with a long, crooked nose and pale non-existent lips.

"This is the Shifter that has given you so much trouble, James?" His voice reminded me of those marshes  you see in horror movies, cold and slimy witha  heavy fog over the top, making vision impossible. I wasn't sure why that was the image I got, but that is all I could think of, and I was that girl just waiting for the creature to creep out form the depths.

Cassidy was just behind the man, his face a mask of nervous energy. "Yes, that's her..."

"She doesn't look like much, does she?" He circled me, running an ice cold hand across my bare shoulders and through my long hair. "But will isn't a matter of looks, now is it my dear?"

I felt my heart beat quicken. All of my instincts told me to run. He strongly reminded me of a snake, the way he moved with such flawless grace, the way his voice slithered like oil.

He walked away with his back to me, his thick greasy black hair pulled back in a ponytail at the base of his skull, the length enough to rival my own. He was dressed in all black, the long sleeve button up shirt, the slacks, the long over coat, all black, his pale skin almost glowing in the dull light of the yellowed bulbs in the ceiling.

"She sure is a pretty one, isn't she? All that silver hair, those eyes..." He turned to look me over. "I'm surprised you haven't taken her for yourself, James. Or are you still hung up on that little dark haired one? What did you call her? Mariah? Meredith?"

"Melody." James replied, his voice tight, as if he didn't like the subject at hand.

"Oh yes, that's what it was..." The man in black smiled, his teeth oddly white with sharp incisors that glistened like ice. "Still, it's a shame this little beauty hasn't been claimed..."

"Touch me, I dare you." I snarled, my voice ringing off the barren walls, the sound a hell of a lot braver than I felt at that particular moment.

"Oh, somebody's got a temper, it seems...." He slithered back to stand in front of me. "I'll fix that..." He brushed an icy hand over my cheek, smiling. "Take her too my private quarters..."

My heart stopped. This wasn't suppose to happen. I was suppose to go to the other Shifters, not to be some psycho Hunter's play toy.

I fought the guards that held me, yelling curses and spitting insults, kicking and biting any flesh with in my range. I would fight this, he couldn't have me. I would make sure of it.

The End

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