22. Chapter 22Mature


His golden hair had become a sign of friendship, of freedom, to me, those hazel eyes always brought a smile to my face. He was a great friend and a wonderful relief to my mind. He often brought me news of my pack, of Bear and my brother, how they were raising an army to rival the Hunter program.

I wondered if it was all just because of me or if it was something more. Cyrus had told me that the Hunters were getting bolder, capturing or killing whole families, whole packs, torturing them for information on the resistance. They wanted to exterminate all of the Shifters, to eliminate every single one of us. It disgusted me.

Cyrus told me how he had ended up in the Hunter program, how, as a child, his father had enrolled him in an attempt to hide the Shifter gene that ran through the family, not realizing his own son carried the gene. Once his father had found out, he had almost died of embarrassment and disbelief. He had put his only son in the middle of the most dangerous place for the child. But being raised a Hunter had kept Cyrus hidden, and it enabled him to help others hide in plain sight, just as he had for years.

He told me his youngest sister was doing the same thing he was on the other side of the country, training young Shifters how to trick the Hunters into believing they were human, protecting the families from being torn apart completely.

I made me miss my parents, made me wonder how they were doing. Were they safe? Had they been arrested for hiding me? were they dead? Dominic had told me they were safe last time I had talked to him, but that was over a month ago, anything could have happened.

I tried to convince Cyrus to move me to be with the other Shifters, that they needed me, but he wouldn't hear of it.

"If I move you, James will have my head. And I kind of need it if you want to keep in contact with your pack."

He was right, but I didn't like it. Any connection I had with the other captives would help us. I needed it. I could get them out if I was only able to talk to them. Maybe if I pretended to cave I could be with the others.

Cyrus must have noticed the spark, he immediately protested. "Echo, no. Don't do anything stupid."

I smiled at him, my head full of ideas. "Just you wait, this is going to be awesome..."

The End

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