Finding EchoMature


                Letting out a powerful roar, I walked out of the commander’s office. Still no news about her, I have ripped apart DOZENS of these compounds. Freeing countless shifters, and swelling the ranks of the resistance. Walking down the corridor, a single hunter jumped out from around the corner just feet in front of me. Pushing his gun barrel out of my face, he fired; I ripped it from his grip and tossed it aside. Grabbing him by the throat, I lifted him in the air. “WHERE IS SHE?”

                He struggled to get breath, “What… are you… talking about?”

                “The girl, the silver shifter. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?” Tightening my grip on the man’s throat.

                “I… don’t… know… what you’re… talking about?” That was all he could get out through my iron grip. I dropped him to the floor. “Please, let me go. I have a family.”

                Thinking for a minute, I decided on his fate. “No.” Shifting to my beloved form, I mauled him, going for his soft neck first. He let out a scream that was music to my ears. I sank my claws into his chest and tore out his heart. Feeling I had done enough, I stomped on it as I walked out of the compound; covered in blood. Bodies were everywhere, mostly hunters, but there were a few shifters that were unlucky and got shot in the back as they tried to escape. Laughing, I couldn’t help but find it funny that I alone had taken out the largest compound in Georgia.

                Walking out what was left of the front gate, I saw what was left of the hunters from Georgia. They were 5 strong, all with guns pointed right at me. Cocking my head to the side, I couldn’t help but ask, “Look behind me, do you honestly think you can stand a chance against me?”

                “Don’t move and we’ll take you into custody. You might live this way.” The hunter on the far left shouted at me.

                I got down on one knee, the hunter on the far right stepped forward with a collar in his hand. He snapped it around my neck, locking it in place. “You think this will hold me for long?” I asked him. He wasn’t a very big man, I was nearly twice his size. Having this collar around my neck gave them a false sense of security. As soon as they lowered their guns, I grabbed the hunter and snapped his neck in my hands. Reaching up I ripped the collar off my neck and shifted into my hawk form. Getting above two of them I shifted into my bear form, dropping, I crushed them under my weight. Swiping out at the hunter in front of me, I caught him in the chin and spun his head 270 degree, he fell in a pile.

                Turning on the remaining one, he dropped his gun and ran; I shifted into a cheetah and jumped on his back. As he crashed to the ground, I shifted back to my human form. Pulling him to his feet, I brought my knee into his and snapped it backward. Letting out a scream of agony, he collapsed on the ground. “You’re the lucky one. I’m going to allow you to live.” Stomping on his left elbow, I shattered it into a dozen pieces. Bringing him within inches of my face, “I want you to tell your superiors that the Great White Bear is coming for the one they took from me. I will destroy any compound, base, or cell that you might have, just to find her. I would recommend letting her go, if you value your lives.”

                Dropping the man, he fell into unconsciousness from the pain I had just inflicted on his body. I saw a movement in the bushes and a fox stepped out. It was Vivian. “How are you dear sister? Come to enjoy my handy work?” I looked over the ruined compound with pride.

                “You’ve gone off the deep end brother, but I will say this much. You’ve never been more motivated.”

                “They took her from me. I will get her back, or kill every one of these damn hunters in the process.”

                “You’re covered in blood, didn’t I teach you better?”

                Sighing, “Yes, you did. But they have never taken someone like this away from me. Why did you seek me out? There are no hunters left for 4 states around me.” I needed to leave, to get to the next compound, maybe she was in the next one over.

                “I got word from a cell up north. They’ve found her.”

                “WHERE?” I screamed at her. “I’ll go get her right now.”

                “Not with that attitude you won’t. Not even you can get to her right now. She’s in New York.” That didn’t mean anything to me. “She’s in the Devil’s Den.”

                “Shit.” Shaking my head, “I’ll get her out, no matter what it takes; even if I die in the process.”

                “We have a spy on the inside helping her stay alive right now. She’s in rough shape, but we both know she’s a fighter, probably more so than you.”

                “I will get her out, I will protect her.” I will marry her. I had almost given up hope on life before I met this girl. Without her, I am nothing but a rabid animal.

                “You can’t take on a place that size, you’ll need help.” I watched as the forest came alive, everyone was there, save for the little ones. Dominic stepped out.

                “I want to help you save my sister; I have forsaken the order of the hunters. Family is more important than that. Blood is thicker than water.” Dominic put out his hand.

                I took it with vigor, “Thank you.” Turning to everyone else, “Thank you all, let’s go get Echo.”

                “She was our pack mate first.” Rusty said from beside me, “You just haven’t left any killing for us.”

The End

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