19. Chapter 19Mature

I stood before Cassidy, holding my pride despite the chains that held me. They were being very cautious now, my wrists chained behind my back, two chains connected to my collar, each held by a large, bulky Hunter armed to the teeth. I liked being seen as a threat.

"How dare you..." He snarled, his face dangerous. "How dare you attack me. You are lucky to be breathing girl."

"You keep me around 'cause you like the challenge." I taunted, a charming smile on my face. I was going to enjoy this. There was nothing he could do to hurt me.

A harsh fire flashed in his eyes. "You would be wise to hold your tongue."

"Now we both know that isn't going to happen..."

He smiled wickedly.  "That will change."

A jolt of electricity shot through my lower back, my body suddenly ridged with pain. I gritted my teeth against it, forcing myself not to scream. The shock was soon subdued, my body shaking. But I stayed on my feet, refusing to buckle. I would not give in.

"Your name, Shifter. I just want a name."

Gasping, I smiled, looking up at him. "Scared James? Am I a challenge?"

His cruel smile turned into a grimace, those weird eyes of his sparking lake a violent wild fire. He was losing control and he knew it. I pissed him off with my defiance and determination. I could win this.

Electricity coursed through my muscles again, my entire body just a knot of tense muscles screaming in pain, twitching and fighting. I refused to whimper, to even gasp. I would prove my will, they would not break me. I would die before I became their slave.

I dropped to my knees once the current stopped, my heart pounding in my chest. I fought the darkness trying to take over my mind, forcing myself back to my feet. I was so much stronger than they knew, than they believed. I could show them.

"Give me your name!" He snarled.

"Is that all you got? Really?!" I snarled, staring him down. I was willing to fight, ready to fight. I would show them what a true Shifter is capable of. I would show them all.

As the current surged through my body for the third time, I screamed. Not out of fear or pain, but a war cry, strong and defiant. A cry that I imagined reaching the ears of my pack so many miles away, reaching Bear's ears, letting him know I was ok, that I would fight. And I would fight for how ever long I took for me to return to his arms.

I hit the ground, my mind numb, pain raging through every muscle, every nerve. As the black cloud of unconsciousness settled over me, I thought I heard Bear's voice, telling me to hold on, to keep fighting.

I wouldn't give up.


The End

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