17. CapturedMature

I woke up in a cell all on my own. they were different from the ones we had broken Faline out of. It was large and open with bars on all sides. Silver bars. Along the floor, roughly two feet high, a sheet of silver lined the cell, but the floor itself was wood. It was an older style, obviously recently modified for holding Shifters.

but I wore no chains, no collar and no guards were near that I could tell. It I wanted to, I could walk out of here. Did they think I would be too timid to do so?

I stood up, moving tot he barred door, watching for the guards. Where were they? This wasn't normal. I set my hand on the lock, my body ridged. Nothing. Was it really this easy? I leaned against the bars to reach the lock better, my hand on the handle. As my bare skin touched the silver bars, I felt a jolt of electricity hit my body, the power surge strong enough to send me stumbling back.

Copper. Wrapped around each bar, fine copper strands criss-crossed across the surface of the silver. And each one must have been electrically charged. No wonder they figured I couldn't get out.

I heard a door open into the room, loud footsteps thundering towards my cell. And gruff bickering male voices echoing off the walls.

I shifted, dropping into a wolf, they had no reason to see my face, snarling and snapping as the men appeared, all three in Hunter green.

"So, you must be the Shifter that's been giving us so much trouble these past years." The older Hunter said, a sly smile spreading across his thin lips. "You really had us scrambled, didn't you?"

I let out a deep growl, my fur raised and my teeth bared. Where was I? These weren't the same Hunters from my home.

She chuckled, leaning close to the bars. "You won't cause anymore trouble in here, now will you?" He smiled at the other Hunters. "Silver, if you will."

The two Hunters raised a pair of what looked like toy blow dart guns. But the darts they shot at me were slivers of bright silver. I tried to avoid the darts, but I could not avoid them all.

I felt a sharp prick in my side and another in my leg. Just a touch of silver and I was forced back to human form, weak and helpless, huddled in a corner away from the Hunters.

"What is your name?" The first Hunter asked, his voice like oil, smooth and slick.

"None of your business!" I snapped, wrapping my arms around me.

"Now, now, we don't want to hurt you. but we do have to register you in our data base."

"I am more than a name or number."

"I disagree." His brown eyes glittered with a cold light, a harsh light. "You are a Shifter, an abomination to the human race. You should not exist."

"I am just as human as you are!" I raged, jumping to my feet. "If anything I have more humanity than all of the Hunters in this entire world!"

"You, my dear, are nothing more than a creature that must be trained."

"Where am I?" I asked warily.

The man's smiled widened. "Just outside of New York City, Shifter. The Head Quarters for the Hunters."

My heart stopped. I was in the Devil's Den itself, the most powerful of all the Hunter strong hold. The most dangerous place on the planet for Shifters. There was no way out.

"Sleep well, Shifter, tomorrow your training begins." He laughed, the sound cruel to my ears, and left, the two younger Hunters following.

I sat in the middle of my cell, dazed. I was so far from safety. How would I get out?

The End

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