13. Chapter 13Mature

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The sea turned gold, red and purple as the sun sank behind it, the gentle waves dancing over my bare feet. I sat in the cooling sand, relaxing in the fresh air. After being locked away underground for a little over two weeks, I was starting to lose it. It still caused me pain to walk to much, and I wasn't able to shift. Dina said that if I shifted too soon, I took the risk of injuring myself all over again.

And I did NOT want to be stuck in those halls for another month.

Bear had brought me here, convincing Dina that my attitude and cooperation would improve if I got some time in the sun. This was after I shreded a couple blankets and a pillow out of anger when she told me I had to rest when I wanted to go walking. And I had refused to take my pain meds so I was in a very bad mood to start with.

He hardly spent anytime away from me since I've been imprisoned to the hospital wing. He walks with me when Dina lets me out and he keeps me entertained when I am told to stay put. It made me happy that he cared enough to stick around when he could, but he had other duties, things he had to do for the resistance. I just hoped he wouldn't get in trouble with Vivian for staying so much with me.

My family, on the other hand, was still trying to decide if they wanted to leave or not. To me, it seemed that on our own, we were targets that could be picked off one by one. We already lost Shade, Willow was injured and I was almost killed twice. With the resistance, we had a chance of surviving, of returning to a some what normal life.  Why couldn't they see that?

"Dina said I had to have you back before to late..." But he made no move to get up, his eyes locked on the horizon.

He had been my savior in more ways than one over the last month, I owed him so much. I just wished I knew how to repay him. He kept me sane and helped me save my family. He listen to me, informed me, entertained me and I could hardly do the same for him.

"They want to try and leave again...." I murmured, keeping my eyes on my feet as I buried them in the sand.


"There are a few who feel we have been here too long. That we are just sponging off of the resistance."

"Your pack has been on it's own without a very clear plan twice now and both times you have almost died. You have lost your pack leader and your little one was threatened and taken away. When will they learn? You are safer with us than on your own."

I nodded. I had thought about all of that before, running the fights through my head. I was never a fighter, never wanted blood shed. I was peaceful, quiet, so why was I in the middle of a war? I laid back in the sand, watching the stars appear one by one, the waning moon slowly creeping into the deep blue sky. Barely more than a sliver, it gave us little light to watch the waves roll up over the sand and back again, dragging it way as the water receded.

"When Leo said that you tore apart the base, was he really exaggerating? How much damage did you do?"

He didn't look at me, his face a hard mask. "I tired to protect you. You were just laying there, still as death, helpless. I had to do something." He closed his eyes. " They distracted me, lured me away, just enough to grab you and pull you away. When I looked back, you were gone." Looking at me, I was surprised to see sadness in those green eyes. "I was worried about you, Echo. I could have cared less if they had done something to me, as long as you were safe. I destroyed their base, their home, in my search for you." He smiled, ever so slightly. "When I found you, I was surprised to find your brother there, holding a gun to an officer's head." He shook his head. " Your brother turned on the Hunters, his family, for you..."

Shocked, I sat up. "Why? Why would he risk his life for mine? He despises me..."

Bear shook his head. " I'm not sure."

"You said he kept us from getting shot?"

He nodded. "But he was only one, there were two other boys, younger than him, bringing bullets to the guns men."

My brother had never shown compassion for his family before he left. He was always gone and was always so detached from us. Had he just ruined his career for me?

Bear got to his feet, holding out a hand to help me up. "It's time we head back..."

Once on my feet, I had a confusing thought, one I wished I could forget. I never wanted to release his strong hand. It was warm and secure, comfortable. I felt safe with him. I knew he could protect me when I needed it. I didn't want to let go.

But I did.

The End

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