11. Sneaking in, breaking outMature

Bear and I lay hidden in each of Dominic's pockets as mice as he walked back to the compound.

"Hey, Dom! Find anything?" The Hunter's muffled voice called out.

"No, it was just an owl. The moonlight much have made it look like that silver Shifter."

"I can't believe they can't catch that one." Another Hunter murmured.

"I know, it's a mystery how such a young shifter hides so well." The first Hunter replied.

"I'm going to go meet our relief, I think I need to get that cut on the back of my head checked out anyways."

"Alright, get some sleep too, Dom, you look like the walking dead."

"Take it easy, Dom."

"Thanks guys, and I will Jack."

I heard a metallic click and a door opening, not a big one, a small one, a guard's door.

We were in.

Dominic carried us through the safe hold, I could hear his heart racing. He was freaking out.

"Alright, it's clear, come on out..." He whispered.

I scrambled out of his pocket and down to the floor, landing with a squeak when i hit the cement. Bear was beside me, the snow white mouse shaking his fur.

"We have a couple mousers wandering about so if you stay mice be careful, but you could easily blend in with the cats." He looked around be fore crouching down in front of us. "Be careful, Echo. You may be a Shifter but you are still my baby sister.

I set a tiny paw on his heavy boot. "Don't worry, we can handle it."

He smiled and brushed a finger over my silver fur before looking at Bear. "Take care of her."

He nodded and looked at me. "Let's go."

I bolted, bear on my tail.

"Well that was touching..." Bear commented.

"Give me a break, I got us in didn't I?"

"Breaking down the door had been much more fun than hiding in a Hunter's pocket...."

I rolled my eyes. "Be quiet..."

We quickly found the building they were holding the Shifters in, a large building towards the center of the base. And inside were the cells.

Out of the twenty cells, only two were empty and the entire place smelled of rot and decay. It made me sick to see Shifter's treated this way.

"How many do you think we can free before they find us?"  I murmured to Bear.

"All of them if we work fast."

"Let's get Faline first. We have about two and a half hours."

We scampered over to the guard's desk. He was an older man, almost bald and heavy set. No problem for Bear. Smoothly and silently, he bound and gagged the man before he could raise an alarm.

Grabbing the keys, we shut and locked him in one of he empty cells before going to work on freeing the Shifters.

Their ages varied from very young to mid-thirties. and each one was ready to get out.

"Echo!" Faline cheered quietly as we unlocked her door. There was the silver collar around her slender throat and the silver chains keeping her from the bars. "You found me!"

"Your brother was scared for your life." I rushed to hug the girl, tears welling up in my eyes. "Are you ok? Did they hurt you?" I brushed her hair out of her face, scanning her skin for bruises.

She shook her head. "No, not yet." She hugged me around the waist. "Echo, please just get me out of here."

"We will. Don't worry, Faline, we will. Let's get you free then you've got to help us free the others too, ok?"

The girl nodded. "Of course."

I unlocked the collar from around her neck, the thick silver had left a dark purple ring on her milky skin and the chains on her wrists left angry red cuts. But those were the only marks, no hand prints or whip marks, nothing to leave a scar.

We split the keys, Faline opening the doors, I took teh collars off and Bear freed their wrists, helpin them to their feet. It didn't take us long to free all seventeen of them and develop a plan. We would be free in no time.

As a pack we burst from the prison, each one in their strongest or fastest form. We surprised the hell out of the Hunters.

Keeping our agreement with Dominic, we kept our claws to ourselves, we simply just tossed the Hunters away if they were stupid enough to charge us.

The gate up ahead was open, thanks to Dominic, who was covering his betrayal with shouts and fumbling with his gun, pretending to load it.

"Shoot them! Shoot them!" the order echoed around us as we neared the gate.

"Jump the silver strip at the gate!" Bear called as he flew above us, clawing at the heads of Hunters as they took aim.

A gunshot sounded out of the chaos in the clear night air, the bullet burying itself deep into my leg, followed by a second that connected with my shoulder.

I stumbled and rolled, suddenly vuneralble in my human form.

"Keep running!" I screamed as Faline slowed to turn, her light brown eyes full to the brim with fear. "Don't stop! Keep running!" I wouldn't let them get captured again, not after just being freed. Gripping my bleeding leg, I fought to get to my knees, I had to try.

A Hunter pulled me to my feet roughly, twisting my arm up behind my back. "Got you now..."

I screamed in pain as he twisted my arm harder, pushing me forward to force me to walk. Please let them have gotten away.

Suddenly my arm was released and I fell forward, my body racked with pain.

A pair of great white paws rested on either side of my head, a deep growl rumbling above me. "Touch her, I dare you!"

"We have to get out of here..." I mumbled, tears escaping down my face.

"I know, Echo, I know..."

I felt myself fading, my vision growing dim. I prayed I wasn't dead just before the lights went out.

The End

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