The Sight

Echo's mother froze and stared at her in shock. "What?" she asked.

'I can see!' Echo said with exasperation. 'I woke up and everything was so clear. It's like the accident didn't even happen. The other thing is,' Echo said, removing the white, cottony patch from her eye, 'my scar is gone.'

 Echo's mother dropped her mouth. The deep, engraved scar that used to rest over her daughter's left eye was mysteriously gone. Her attention was finally pulled away when billows of smoke from the burning eggs sprouted about. She fanned them with her hand, and tossed the soiled eggs into the garbage disposal.
'I don't think this is a good thing, Echo,' she said with concern.

 'Why not? I can be normal now. I won't have to hide my face, and---'

 'Echo, things like this don't just happen. You've been blind in that eye for seven years, and now everything is normal again? Just like that?' she interrupted, speaking slowly as if giving a lot of thought to her words. As if she still wasn't sure if this were real.

     Just then, Echo's father rushed into the kitchen. He seemed a bit out of breath, and unsettled. Both Echo and her mother turned to look at him as he entered. 'You wouldn't beleive what I saw today,' he said, leaning deeply on a kitchen chair for support.

'Are you all right, Ralph?' her mother said, rushing over to help him keep balance.

'I'm fine, I'm fine,' he said, trying to brush off his sudden weakness.

'What is it? What did you see, Dad?' Echo asked, her eyebrows furrowed with curiosity and worry.

     Before anyone could answer, there was a loud crashing at the door. The sound of a heavy foot pounding on thin wood.


The End

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