Echo Co. , written on a tall, wide building. In the middle of downtown Prince George, BC. Holding approximately fifteen floors, lights on in some rooms. The building looked as if it was made of white glass. The full moon shining upon it, it looked like snow was falling. The atmosphere felt sweet yet chilling to it's surroundings.

 "Eros, would you explain to me why you smell of puke." a girl the same height as Eros, asked in anger, face-to-face with him.

Eros took a step to the side, and continued walking. Avoiding her dandered stance, picking up speed down the hallway.

"Eros, don't ignore me." she said following him as he ran down the hall. "Eros!" she yelled as he took a turn at a corner.

 Yamir, who was walking with Eros before he was approached, slowly tried to turn around back down the opposite of the hallway. Trying to flee before being seen.

 She turned around quickly and grabbed Yamir's shirt collar and asked, "Yamir. Tell me what's going on, now!"

Raeca is really upset. Yamir thought uneasily as he tip-toed to keep from suffocating from being picked up higher.

'Please, don't tell anyone.' rang through his ears.

"Raeca, I thin-" Yamir said then vanished from her grasp and sight.

"YAMIR! You little blue eyed creep!" Raeca shouted with rage, making the floor shake. "Get back here!"

 Please don't get me killed by her because of this, Eros. Yamir thought from down the hall, in the furthest corner from Raeca.


 Two couches, facing each. Separated by a coffee table, stood in a room. One window and one door. Before the window, stood a long wooden desk, piled with paper scattered across the top. In the chair, sat a man, with red hair and green eyes covered by prescription glasses, deep into his work.

 Someone knocked on the door, he paid no attention. The door opened, "Ethan is here, sir." said a man, a white cloth covered his face, showing a bald scalp.

Green eyes lifted from the paper, "Let him in." he said then going back to his paper.

 The door opened wider, letting in the hallway lights. Brightening the room up. Eros stood at the opening then walked in.

"Let us be." The man said, motioning his hand to the cloth-covered man.

 The cloth faced man bowed and closed the door behind Eros, leaving them alone. Eros pulled down his hood and stared at the man paying no attention to him, with neither green eyes making contact.

"Jumoke has come back, father." Eros said, not moving from his spot.

"Thank you, Ethan." he said. "Bring Ella to dinner tomorrow night. We'll discuss everything then." uninterested, leaning back on his chair as he read the paper "You may leave."

 Eros turned around without a word. Opening the door and left closing it behind him. His footsteps gave small echoes down the hallway, in each direction. He placed his hands in his coat pockets. Slouching as he walked toward the elevators. The ting of the elevator rang before he pressed the down button. The doors opened up showing off a wide room inside. A tall man, a little older than Eros, stood in the middle of the elevator.

 Short wavy brown hair and light brown eyes surprised to see Eros.

"Erosssss..." the man said cheerfully jumping up, wrapping his legs around Eros waist, and arms wrapped around Eros neck. Making him lose balance.

"Where is she?" he asked, winking at him with his brown eyes, "I know my little princess is back. Don't hide her from me."

"Dawid, get off me." Eros whispered as he stepped in the elevator, struggling to push him off.

"Whispering, now?" Dawid said quietly as he looked at Eros' emotionless expression. "So, your twin is your main objective now?" as he straightened up, still wrapped around Eros, holding Eros' chin up to make eye contact. "Big brother instincts are rather high, aren't they." he said seriously as the doors closed behind them.

 Dawid pressed the second floor's button with his other hand without breaking eye contact. "You mind telling me as to why?" he asked still wrapped around Eros.

 Eros didn't respond. His green eyes glazed over, leaving a blank look in the contact Dawid made. Dawid sighed, then got off of Eros and let his face go. They stood there, with the only sound of beeps of the floors passing by. The elevator announced they've reached the second floor with a ding, and opened for them to a floor full of tables and chairs. Dawid motioned Eros to go first, and Eros went. Leaving each other without any further discussion.

 Two children sat at one of the tables near the elevator, a young girl with short curly brown hair and blue eyes with a red bandana covering the bottom half of her face. The second was a young round boy with a buzz cut, and hazel eyes. His bandanna was tied around his left wrist.

 "By the looks of it, Dawid was clinging to Eros and got shunned off again" said the girl giving her attention to the boy sitting next to her.

 The boy nodded his head in silence, paying no attention in the direction she was talking about.

"You seem tense, Amia."a small blonde chipmunk, with the same coloured bandana tied around it's neck, said crawling around the girl's shoulders. "Are you interested in either of them?" the little head looking up at her eyes.

"Shut up, Nakir!" Amia said grabbing the small body off of her shoulder and throwing it to the ground with brut force. "Baris, let's go." getting up from her seat.

 They left with the small chipmunk on the ground, twitching.

"Damn, Amia.... so sensitive." Nakir said rolling over on the vast floor.

Dawid stopped in front of a vending machine, "Eros, please let me see my princess. It's been years since we've last seen each other. Why do I always screw up when it comes to my beautiful Ella." saying to himself well pressing the buttons on the machine to get a drink.

 From the atmosphere of his presence, it sounded like he was saying 'she isn't the mood to talk to anyone'. Dawid thought as he opened the can of pop. My beautiful Ella, what's wrong?

The End

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