Midnight Moonlight

 Heat of the night. Screeching of a railroad, a bell of a ship nearby. Three young men lounged about in a abandon building; a part of the ceiling exposing the moonlight. Empty wide room with debris of rocks and shards of glass. Some pillars knocked down. Dust layered over from the years of abandonment. Breeze blowing in from the cracks of the few shattered windows.

 One man, with spikey blonde hair shining in the light, brown eyes. Sitting on a rock in a pile of rubble, with a displeased expression.

  Second one, stood leaning against a pillar with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. Creeping blue eyes circled with black rims. Looking around in the darkness of the room, around the opening.

 The third, stood in the middle of the gleaming moon ray. Short black hair and green eyes staring up at the moon, ever so slowly moving into view.

"Eros, we've been here for an hour." said the spikey hair, irritated. "What the hell are we waiting for?"

"Rai, Eros asked us personally to accompany him." those eerie blue eyes giving attention to the spikey silhouette. "A man of little words doesn't just ask for no apparent reason."

"Yamir, I wasn't asking you!" Rai snapped "Eros, answer me!" he demanded.

 Eros stood motionless staring at the sky. Moments past by.

"Rai. Yamir." Eros finally said, his voice breaking the silence. "Trust in me, alright." inhaling the little breeze coming in from the breached roof.

"Geez," Rai scoffed, then spat, "could've informed us on this wait." leaning back on the rock in disapprovement.

 Time past on. The moon moved from where it appeared to the middle of the opening. Which made it a little brighter in the room they lingered in.

"My-my, my brother." a voice chimed with a hiccup. "Oh, how they look under the midnight moonlight." hiccup.

 Yamir's attention went to the ceiling. His mind ponder on the title; brother. Rai bucked up in his seat at the sudden break of silence, glaring up at the opening. Dust following his movement from behind. Moonlight shining through the roof. The sound of a horn blowing from a distant ship.

"You're late." Eros responded, ignoring the statement.

"You're simply early, brother." said teasingly; hiccup. "You know how I admire those eyes," said so seriously. "as they twinkle under the peak of the moon." hiccup.

"Get your drunk ass down here." Eros said as he put on his hood, annoyed.

Someone annoyed... Eros. Yamir thought in surprise.

 A girl jumped from the ceiling, "Don't be so annoyed. You purposely stood in the moonlight, knowing fully well that it'll bring me out once I see them." hiccup; dust blow around her boots upon impact.

 Standing before Eros, stood a fairly short intoxicated girl. Waist length dyed hair, and black eyes.

"Eros, who is this kid?" Rai asked, pestered.

 Her attention broke off into Rai's direction, as the moonlight give off a glimpse of blue tint in the depths of darkness in her eyes. In an instant, life disappeared from her eyes. Eros pierced her stomach with one punch.

"Eros!" Yamir shouted in shock. "Did... did you just punch her unconscious?" he asked taken aback, eyes widen.

"Of course, she's the same generation as I" Eros stated, catching her before falling. "Her name is Jumo." hoisting her over his shoulder.

"Same generation!" Rai exclaimed. "She looks younger than me." standing up in fury, pebbles fell from the sudden weight change of the rock he was on.

Jumo vomited and gasped for air, "I'm sorry... brother." dropping with dead weight on Eros shoulder.

 Eros stood tense and irritated by the incident. "You didn't have to puke on my back." he said with anger, holding her up into his view. "What a lush. You'll pay for that." glaring at her with a smirk.

 Rai and Yamir stood, scared stiff at Eros. Jumo lifted her left hand and nudged Eros' forehead, he blinked as her hand dropped down.

"You're still going to pay for my jacket." Eros appointed, then cradled her in his arms. "You guys. Thanks for keeping me company tonight." holding her close to his chest.

 Eros held her like a dark mysterious prince, carrying a young princess unconscious from a fierce battle. Yamir thought, aghast by the sight.

 Rai stood, staring at Eros and the woman in his arms.

"Let's go." Eros said as he started to walk by them. "Please, don't tell anyone about this." he said walking towards the runned down doors.

The End

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