Societies are controlled by the government. Laws are revoked or approved. Over time, the laws that were once passed become suppressed. When this happens, the government provokes the communities that abide by the laws. Chaos in silence. Shunned from society and media.

For centuries, a nation in secret wandered the world's terrain. Taking in others that were abandoned. Small amount of people knew about them. Leolani, is what they were called. Djinn is another. Nomadic and quickly adapting into different communities for years.

One hundred years ago, they were officially called Leolani. They were peacefully accepted into the society of the New Land with the negotiation of cooperating under the laws in exchange to do as they have for centuries in peace. In a place they can call home. Leolani men and women adapted into the country's laws and lifestyle.

Due to the alliance with the Leolanian, the modern government went into panic. Of the growing population of Leolani people, and declared a silent annihilation upon them. Mass murder. Genocide.

Little did the government know, the private record passed down the Leolani members. The mystery behind Leolanian.

The End

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